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Pamela Adriano April 30, PM. Angeline and Erik have been together in countless performances and concerts, and likewise had special memories as genuine friends off stage. They would always share in interviews that they really consider each other special and important, making it unsurprising to see that they have always kept and maintained a strong friendship that seemed unbreakable. Their closeness, however, would make people speculate about the real score, with even close friends thinking they were actually a couple.

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Erik would just answer with funny responses while Angeline would tell Vice to stop teasing her but would not deny the love she feels for Erik. Another instance was when Angeline expressed how happy she was for one contestant in TNT because Erik was the mentor. Angeline shared that whenever she would have concerts, either here in the country or abroad, Erik would also always be there for her.

She added that she has always been proud of him for how he has also guided and trained other artists and performers as well.

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Hindi nga lang official na naging tayo, pero bilang magkaibigan," Angeline wrote in that specific birthday greeting, adding that their genuine love for each other will certainly last forever. TNT hurados Angeline Quinto and Erik Santos show that their lasting, genuine friendship knows no bounds and stands the test of time.

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