As happy as ever

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Life is simply much worse than most people think. This is a point of view I find verging on the pathological, but it is true that the reasons not to have children are sufficiently numerous that it makes you wonder why so many people do it.

The moment you have children, you are burdened with worries and responsibilities for the rest of your life. You are only ever as happy as your unhappiest. So, what is the As happy as ever Life is the pursuit of meaning. It is partly in the difficulties that children bring with them that meaning resides — overcoming obstacles, achieving challenging goals, coping with crises. The energy of life comes from the negative side of it, as anyone who tells stories or writes dramas knows. An entirely happy story is not a story at all. But it is the suffering in store for the new life, not the suffering of the parents, that concerns Benatar.

Like Benatar, Peterson believes that the fundamental reality of life is not happiness, but tragedy and suffering. However, although my sympathies lie firmly with Peterson, I think he and Benatar are unduly pessimistic on a of fronts. Second, my children have given my life at least as much happiness as meaning as well as misery, conflict and worry. But it certainly helps to explain why so many of us, with so many reasons not to, carry on populating this planet — and do so with As happy as ever and purpose and hope, despite all the evidence that, at the very least, it is misguided in terms of personal satisfaction and, at the very worst, a bad idea for mankind.

But what else are you going to do with your life that is so desperately important? Yes, children are trouble — but is life about avoiding trouble at all costs? Life is difficult. Meaning — even nobility — lies in affirming it in any case. And there is no greater affirmation than having. Tim Lott's family column Parents and parenting. Raising kids can be difficult, worrying and upsetting for all concerned — but life is about more than the pursuit of happiness.

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As happy as ever

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You are only ever as happy as your unhappiest child