Atv rentals las cruces nm

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Red Sands has been a popular area for off-road enthusiasts for over years! Red Sands is comprised of both private and public lands, featuring rolling sand dunes, hills, compact dirt trails and more! This ancient sea covered most of the area. Precious American Atv rentals las cruces nm Artifacts, such as arrowhe, pottery and more are scattered throughout the region.

However, there are many privately owned areas within Red Sands that are off-limits to visitors. These pockets of private lands are normally fenced off, have posted s or purple painted stakes in the ground to alert visitors.

Over the years, RED SANDS has been home to hundreds of weekend off-road enthusiasts who truly appreciate the area and have gone to great lengths to clean and maintain the area. Unfortunately, despite their great efforts, many visitors continue to litter. Broken beer bottles, nails from burnt pallets, wire from burnt tires, and other debris continue to plague the area. As a community, we can do better.

If you see someone illegally dumping tires, building materials, furniture, or other large debris, please report it to authorities. Red Sands. Here are a few additional suggestions If you plan on visiting the area:. Park at any of the entrances to avoid having to dig yourself out. You must also display front and rear lighting at night. You can also be cited for riding recklessly or consuming alcohol while operating a vehicle. Anticipate that there will be other riders around blind corners and on the other side of sand dunes.

Red Sands is not a controlled and regulated park. There are no traffic control patterns or devices in place. You ride at your own risk. You can easily go air-borne and crash! So, stop at the top of the dune and ensure its safe, before proceeding.

There are numerous desert areas in Atv rentals las cruces nm Paso that offer safe back-stops for target practice. Authorities will contact you if you are seen discharging firearms. Always have a buddy with you and carry a cell phone, preferably with GPS capability. Bring a trash bag and use it. Pack out what you packed in. Please throw your trash away in the dumpster. Please do not leave your bags of trash at Red Sands.

Nobody is going to pick it up for you. There is a large commercial dumpster at the main entrance. Please use it to discard your trash. The dumpster is not for local residents to use for their personal waste. This dumpster is being provided to help keep the area clean. Please do not burn tires or pallets. The combustible material will burn away, but the nails in the pallets and the steel wire in the tires will not burn away. Additionally, burning tires is illegal. The fumes are toxic and dangerous to your health.

Atv rentals las cruces nm

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