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The excellent, free antivirus program, Avast requires annual registration and the software will begin to prompt you when your licence is due for renewal. This icon may be in the hidden icons box which is accessed as shown. Click the Register link as indicated here:. Simply click the X in the top right hand corner to exit.

You will now be covered by Avast for another days. If everything works then it should only take a few minutes, but if you get stuck then just drop me a line. Hi i been using a avast free version the day i have my lap top. Thank you! Thank you so much! Thanks again for your help! In my experience the Avast core program can sometimes become corrupted or at least confused! Hi Peter Thank you for your information.

I am not all that computer literate — I did pay for AVG antivirus but a computer guy told me to use Avast. I have just tried to download the free version and it said it did it but I got no enquiry and no logo coming up and it does not seem to be in my programmes. I did uninstall anything to do with AVG — what can I do??? Thanks Paula. Sorry for the delay in replying to you, Paula. I guess you may have already sorted your issue but if not the only thing I can suggest is to first make sure you have uninstalled AVG properly. Visit this and Avast free registration offline the appropriate link for your system and download and run the program.

Download the latest version of Avast Free Home edition and install again. Antoine, if you have bought Avast, you need to submit a support ticket with them directly. I need help in re-registering my Avast Antivirus free. Please help. Hi Peter I need to re-register my Avast but I cannot seem to find the Logo anywhere to click on and proceed to do so. Where is it? I had a computer guy instal my laptop last year — has he forgotten to put in the logo, or is this something that has to come from Avast when you first register.

Time is fleeting I need to do this by the 13th Jan. Can you help please Many thanks Heather. If the program is indeed still installed it WILL be in your programs folder, but you may also be better off uninstalling it and starting from scratch. Hi there I have followed your instructions but it still takes me to the on the internet to purchase it because I have been using it for days so it says. What can I do? Best solution is, as always, to completely unistall and reload Avast. Just be careful not to agree to try the full version, always choose to stay with the current protection.

I want to ask how to renew the free yearly registration for the new avast version Any ideas to help me, please? Kevin, the best thing to do when Avast stops playing ball is simply to delete it completely from your computer and reinstall and re-register. However, this time something very weird happened. Probably going to just do a re-install but … its weird. I renewed my contract with Avast and paid for 2 yrs. How do I get back what I have already paid for? Annie, as a paying customer of Avast my advice is to contact them.

It can do no harm. Does this mean the only solution is to fully Un-install the Free avast, Reboot, download, and install the latest current Free avast version? Thanking you for your support — Lisa. Lisa, I had the same problem with mine! I did what JJ suggested and went into my control panel to uninstall Avast, there it asked me if I wanted to re-register instead so I clicked that button, restarted my computer and viola! Re-registered for the free program! Hope that helps!

If you Avast free registration offline using version try uninstall it and before uninstalling avast will prompt you to renew for another year instead of uninstalling. Just select OK to go and your registration days will restore back to Avast free registration offline. Hi Peter, I have avast installed on my computer and for some other reason i have to reset my factory settings which will temporarily uninstall avast Can i somehow get my install avast again with my Avast free registration offline subscription days after resetting my computer?

Sorry for the delay, Fernando. Your subscription free or paid Avast free registration offline be as it was before your factory install. Thanks for your help, Peter. I spent far too many minutes in the program trying to renew my subscription from paid to free, after the paid subscription ran out.

Dilemma averted. Thanks again. I have free Avast antivirus. I purchased Grime Fighter. One day Grime Fighter went crazy and would complete and keep starting over. So I uninstalled Avast and reinstalled. Now it is telling me I have 7 days to register but when I try to it states that I am not connected to the internet. I am connected. Should I let the 7 days run out and see what happens?

Thishowever is for the free version of Avast and as such users will not have a key or licence code. I tried the way you mentioned, but after my free version had expired, and was still able to renew my free registration for days.

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Avast free registration offline

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How To Register Avast Free Antivirus For 1 Year Free