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Jimmy blogHappy Ending Massage bangkokparadise massageprostate massagesukhumvit soi 22tantric massage 26 Comments. I have a few friends that swear they have the best orgasms ever with a finger in their asses while getting jacked off at Bangkok anal massage same time by a pretty Thai massage girl.

My friends hyped the prostate massage as a way for me to experience an amazing orgasm. For that, one happy ending massage shop my friends love visiting to get fingered is Paradise Massage Bangkok website on Sukhumvit Soi They used to be called Analisa and they had only one shop. Today, Paradise has two shops near each other. The original shop Bangkok anal massage the Analisa Massage website name has moved to Sukhumvit in the Asok area. I was first introduced to the subject of prostate massage when my friends found out about Analisa at the time. When they lived in Shanghai getting a finger in the bunghole and having their salad tossed is all the rave with the Asians.

And while in Bangkok they searched out for the best happy ending massage shop with prostate massage and came across Analisa Massage. Which I was really tempted to at the time. Call it peer pressure. Call it blog research purposes. I had prostate check ups with real doctors. I just wished I chose a specialist with smaller fingers. And knowing that is what sealed the deal for me. Because my friends have the same taste in women as I do.

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Supposedly prostate massages, when done by a professional, can help men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Not that I have that problem.

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As as well as a list of other health benefits of having a finger in your ass reported on Bangkok anal massage article. And living in Thailand for so long I have never willingly paid for sex with ladyboys. Only accidentally. For sexual purposes a prostate massage combined with a hand job is supposed to heighten ejaculation and increase the intensity of orgasm. We walked into Paradise Massage around 5pm. We were greeted with a cheerful hello from the mamasan who recognized my friends. My eyes instantly went searching for a pretty Thai massage girl with the smallest hands.

And one girl caught my eye immediately. Pim was sitting down pretty on a sofa nose deep on her cell phone. She was petite and her face was cute with a slim body with a nice set of perky tits. And her hands were smaller than her cell phone which Bangkok anal massage a good if I was to choose a girl to stick her finger in my ass while jerking me off simultaneously.

My friends and I were the only customers inside and since it was my first time at Paradise Massage my friends let me take first pick of the ladies. Pim was cute and I was deciding if I should go all in and choose the full service. But instead I opted for the hand job to finish. The Paradise tantric massage includes tantric massage with oil massage, body to body massage and of course prostate massage with a hand job finale.

Service price was THB for 90 minutes. She was easy on the eyes too. One of my friends grinned looking way too excited for my own good.

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His language for sticking three fingers in my ass. Pim led me up to a private room on the third floor. The massage room was Bangkok anal massage with a massage mat on the floor and a sofa chair near the window. There was a large mirror on the wall for some perspective. She handed me some bath towels and pointed me to another room down the hall for a shower. I asked will she be ing me and she replied no. Massage girls at Paradise Massage shower alone in a separate room.

Which is a real downer. Part of the fun is having a pretty Thai massage girl give a good wash over. After my shower I got back to the room and got down on the mat with my backside up. She arrived with a towel wrapped around her shortly.

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In her hand was her kit of oil massage lotion, condoms, tissues and latex gloves. We chatted for a bit and I playfully pulled of off her towel. For a petite Thai girl she had nice perky tits. Not much of an ass but her skin was just beautiful and flawless. I saw a tattoo covering her back from neck to waist on the mirror reflection. And she was completely shaved below. She got down behind me between my legs and starting applying massage oil on her hands and my back side. Tantric style massage is a light method of skin to skin contact. If you want a nice build Bangkok anal massage for an explosive cum shot I can tell you from experience tantric massage is the way to go.

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Then she focused on my ass and my balls. Particularly between the area between my butthole and scrotum. I was so aroused I had to position my dick downwards pointing towards her. Bangkok anal massage she saw I was rock hard she starting stroking my cock with oiled hands. If this is what a tantric massage at Paradise is I was hooked. At one point I got up on all fours so she could reach over and jerk me off. I wanted to pop right there and she knew it. So I went and popped. I think my shot went off somewhere near the sofa. Or sit on the sofa in that room.

She knew when to speed up and when to slow down. And she made these erotic moaning noises that got me so excited. The build up was amazing. I was excited for my next round but still a bit hesitant about having a finger in my butt hole. She oiled my chest and worked her way down lightly touching my balls with her oiled tits. Then she got down against me and slid up and down my body.

This was the body to body Bangkok anal massage part of the service.

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She was gliding up and down my body and I got hard again. She started giving me a hand job, alternating between soft and hard strokes on my manhood with her warm Bangkok anal massage hands. Then she took out a condom. Bangkok anal massage always prefer uncovered blow jobs. Though I do want to add during my subsequent visits to Paradise Massage there are ladies inside providing bareback blow jobs. Pim slipped off the condom and applied more oil on my cock. She then took out a latex glove and a tube of KY jelly and started stroking my cock again with a sly grin. Pim knew it was my first time and I suppose she took a bit of joy at that fact.

Before I go ahead further with the nasty details I was told to try and clear out my bowels in the morning. Anyways, just do your best, which was the advice I was given. Pim could only speak a little English. Lucky I could speak Thai. She asked how many fingers I wanted in my ass. I said one only. And I suggested if she could put in her pinky finger. She said no cause my prostate is a bit further down my anus. Only her index finger would be able to reach it. Index finger it is. She started jerking me off again playfully and made erotic moaning noises that turned me on.

I closed my eyes as I felt her KY covered finger Bangkok anal massage closer into my asshole. It felt weird. Then weirder when she said it was halfway in. Before I knew it, she told me she was all in. I could feel her nudging her finger inside of me, pressing on my prostate gland, massaging it with her index finger. I loved the body to body massage. The tantric massage was phenomenal.

But the finger in my ass… was simply uncomfortable. You know that feeling of severe constipation? Plus a finger in your ass. And you want it out. My cock went limp gradually. I was trying to be open about this.

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Trying hard to feel an ounce of euphoria. After all how could millions of gays be wrong about the joys of anal penetration? Or my deviant friends who got me into this with enthusiasm. We shared the same taste in women after all. You know that relieved feeling you get after taking a good dump?

Bangkok anal massage

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