Bombay clay oven

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This restaurant's popular right now All our drivers are on the road - delivery could take longer than usual. Finely sliced chicken cooked in a tantalizing sauce with chaat masala. Served on a puree. Sheep chops. A mouth watering dish. Chicken, meat Bombay clay oven prawn. The most complex of all great curries comprises of twenty one ingredients, each roasted individually. This lends a deep rich colour to this mouth-watering dish. Haddock cooked in benali style with our chefs own spices. Medium to hot. Garnished with coriander. Failry hot. The prince among curries. This is a must for health conscious diners.

Cooked with mixed mango pickle, onion, garlic and chefs special sauce. A Punjabi speciality, cooked in a karahi pot as the dish Bombay clay oven cooked on low heat to medium strength. Fairly hot. Asian amazing mouth-watering dish is from Kerala. Cooked in the tandoori with mince meat, garlic, green chilli and pepper. Delicious mild dish. Chicken or meat very mild creamy dish, cooked with cashew nuts. Grilled succulent chicken cooked in pure butter, spices leaving soothing buttery taste. Lady's finger. Minced meat. Keema, peas and egg. Not taking orders at the moment. Menu Information.

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Bombay clay oven

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