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In early Septembera group of Colombian women, the partners of local gangsters, declared a sex strike. Their demand was that gang members turn in their weapons to the municipal government and agree to begin a vocational training program. The strike began during a meeting in which twenty-five women from different neighborhoods came together to oppose the violence of their partners or spouses. Pereira is a small city, with only aroundresidents. She and at least two-dozen other women some reports say up to women participated promised to continue the sex strike until their demands were met.

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They benefitted from much public support — one month earlier, on 18 August,people had voted in favor of disarming the civilians — which also extended to air time on the radio. While none of the news articles mention an end date for the strike, the were very clear. Time period notes.

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The exact dates are uncertain, but no sources indicated that the strike continued past September. Time period. Location Description. View On Map. PCS Tags. Jump to case narrative Expand all details.

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Methods in 1st segment. Protest meetings. Methods in 2nd segment. Records, radio, and television. Lysistratic nonaction. Methods in 3rd segment. Methods in 4th segment. Methods in 5th segment. Methods in 6th segment. Segment Length.

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Leaders, partners, allies, elites. External allies. Involvement of social elites. Opponent, Opponent Responses, and Violence. Male gangsters pandilleros and pistoleroswho were interested in both keeping their weapons and continuing sexual relations with the women.

Nonviolent responses of opponent. Campaigner violence. Repressive Violence. None known; some people worried that men would become aggressive or violent due to the strike, but Jennifer Bayer, a spokeswoman, assured them, "They wouldn't do that to us. Group characterization.

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Groups in 1st Segment. Success Outcome. Total points.

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Notes on outcomes. I awarded the campaign a 3 in outcome because violence decreased dramatically in the years following the strike, but I could not find information about the percentage of gangsters who voluntarily turned in their weapons. The strike did not grow or spread to other cities, but there was good representation of women in Pereira from many neighborhoods. Case Study Details. Database Narrative. Research Notes. Brodzinsky, Silla. Guardian News and Media, 12 Sept.

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YouTube, 14 Sept.

Columbia women for sex Columbia

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