Credit card details for age verification

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Jon Martindale November 21, Security. Although credit card checks exist for purchases, age-gates that use credit cards opens up many more people to potential data theft. The Digital Economy Bill is a piece of legislation currently passing thought he various houses of UK parliament and if enacted, would bring about many sweeping changes to the way the online world works in the UK.

The most commonly cited problem with it though is the forcing of legitimate age verification checks on sites that host pornography. Although no system has been put forward as a standard for how these sites could force age verification, the most commonly suggested is credit card checks. But if many thousands or millions of people begin inputting credit card details on sites that may or may not securely store such information, that could put them at serious risk.

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Source: ORG. Even for legitimate sites, it would certainly be easier to implement effective, but insecure age verification to avoid being blocked or fined by the government. KitGuru Says: More surveillance state moves by the British government. First the Investigatory Powers Bill that forces internet connection records and now this shortsighted legislative act.

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