Dating your exs cousin

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So my ex and I dated for a year and nine Dating your exs cousin fromwith a few months of breakup in between, and it was filled to the brim with drama. He started out saying his ex-wife was this crazy, terrible abusive woman, and how she's obsessed with him, and won't leave him alone, but then would never actually take any steps toward blocking her or anything, kept their wedding photos displayed in the living room he stayed at home with his parents--at the time, I stayed with mine too; I have since moved out.

It eventually came out that they had been seeing each other the entire time, and after a few times around that "I swear I haven't spoken to her in months--I swear it won't happen again" mountain, I finally broke up with him. He begged me back for a few months inand I gave him another shot; it happened again, and I haven't spoken to him in just about two years now. On top of that, there were other things, temper tantrums, standing me up when I cooked for him, etc. Plus, he made a point of telling me how hot he thought my friends were and then called me insecure when I had an issue with it.

Enter my ex's cousin. He and I had developed a friendship during the relationship, and once I told him about the breakup, he basically called his cousin an idiot and opted to keep the friendship. I didn't tell him about all the cheating and the ex situation at the time because it was still pretty fresh, but I'm not sure if he knows or not. Anyhow, so as our friendship has developed, we've become closer.

We give each other advice, he sends me gifts and does nice things for me from Dating your exs cousin to time.

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He always was a really cool, level-headed guy, and a lot of fun to hang out with and talk to. The Dating your exs cousin gift he sent me was a book I always wanted, and he sent it to thank me for "being me," which I thought was really sweet. But when I mentioned it to a friend of mine who was also privy to the details of this whole thingthey immediately said "oh girl, he is into you.

But is that such a bad thing? He's great fun to be around, and he's cute and sweet and I'd be into it if he asked me out. Of course, I think he'd need to have a conversation with my ex before anything happened. And nothing has happened yet. But it might, so I'm asking. Would I be the buttface for dating him? Years later, his cousin and I are still friends, and I think we might be into each other.

Nothing wrong with it at all. If ex has issues, fuck em. She should just do what she wants to do. I know a few women who went from their cheating ex to happily married Dating your exs cousin one of the family members of said ex. Nobody needs to confide in the ex, or ask permission.

Date who you want. NTB at all. It might make family gatherings a little awkward but with that guy being as drama filled as he is i'm sure they already have some awkwardness. If you guys make each other happy I say go for it.

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The one thing I would caution you about is your ex definitely seems crazy enough to lie to the family about what type of person you are, so definitely prepare yourself if his family doesn't know you so well. Let's be real here: it's his cousin, not his brother. Your ex is an asshole cheater. It's been a few years. Go for it!! Your exboyfriend disrespected you, mistreated you, and cheated Dating your exs cousin you for over a year, and somehow you still thought he deserved a second chance?????

Now you want to show him respect by asking permission to date a new guy. You deserve to be with someone who is sweet and thoughtful. Go for it and give us an update! Your ex was an ass, cheated on you and it's been two years since the break-up. If you like this guy, go for it. Though it would be good to discuss ways to deal with your ex, given that he sounds like drama and might make a scene or two, so you two should be prepared and on the sameif you do end uo dating.

Go for it.

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It's been two year and it was his fault the relationship ended due to infedelity so you owe him nothing, however be very careful about entering a relationship that might bring someone like that back into your life. Are they no contact? Will you see your ex at family events?

But they're pretty much always going to be on his side, especially if he's been telling them Dating your exs cousin. If there's any drama from him, shut him down by revealing the truth of your past relationship. Especially his cheating. Your ex does not get to dictate what you can or can't do with your life.

Just make sure that you won't be interacting with him in a potential future with your potential long term SO. WIBTB for dating my ex's cousin? Posted by 8 months ago. Sort by: top suggested. Fuck the cousin instead.

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You owe your ex nothing. Continue this thread. Or course not. What are you really asking? But no, you are NTB. NTB It's been two year and it was his fault the relationship ended due to infedelity so you owe him nothing, however be very careful about entering a relationship that might bring someone like that back into your life. More posts from the AmItheButtface community. Welcome to amithebuttface: the cool, relaxed, bastard nephew of amitheasshole.

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Is your primary question about a hookup or breakup? Is there not enough conflict in your moral conundrum? Are you one of those yahoos who insist Ross and Rachel were on a break and want to solicit the 'net's opinion?

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Dating your exs cousin

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WIBTB for dating my ex's cousin?