Earth art and craft

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Bring on the Earth Day celebrations! Create this simple Earth craft for the perfect Earth Day activity this season. Make your own paper Earth globe ornaments to decorate at home or in the classroom. Download our free printable earth template and find out how to make this easy earth craft with your.

These earth day art and craft ideas below are so fun and easy to include everyone in. Some of these craft projects might even include a little bit of earth day science. Great for preschool craft activities and also elementary kids too! Looking for easy to print earth day activities? Click on each image below to enjoy a new earth day craft this season.

Some of these activities include Earth art and craft free printable too! Find everything you need to get started today. This coffee filter Earth Day art is great for even non-crafty kiddos. Looking for a free printable earth template for kids? Use this free printable coloring with Earth art and craft puffy paint that is perfect for older kids too! Try this famous artist inspired art project for Earth Day! Transform a couple of simple art supplies into a colorful masterpiece, this Earth Day pop art project is a terrific way to celebrate our Earth.

Use a fun paint splatter technique for a perfect art project for year-round use and of course, for an Earth Day theme! Try something a little different by creating abstract circle art with newspaper rolls!

An easy and fun recycled newspaper craft for. Can you believe this Earth Day recycled craft uses egg cartons? So easy to make, fun to wear, recycled materials, and a bit of chemistry too! Click on the link or on the image below for more fun Earth Day activities. Pin 8.

Earth art and craft

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Earth Day Crafts