Erotic physical exam stories

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Medical fetish stories involve medical themed sexual fantasies. A medical fetish can take many forms. You might be aroused by doctors, nurses, or other members of the medical community, or even their uniforms. Some people who are into this fetish often have a specific interest in the medical instruments and devices used.

They may get turned on at the thought of engaging in actual examination style role play. Do you long for the feel of a latex gloves poking Erotic physical exam stories prodding your most intimate places? The firm bedside manner of the night nurse as she checks your vitals? Drool at the thought of dressing up in a hospital gown and putting your feet into stirrups? Like the feeling of being wide open and stretched by a speculum or anal dilator? Or maybe your desires are darker and you long to be admitted into the psychiatric ward as a sex addict, strapped into a straightjacket and placed in a padded room at the mercy of the staff, all in the name of science?

Get your kink on with our medical fetish stories! We had chatted to Mike and Helen many times at one of our clubs, but never before had we played with the two of them. Mike and Helen are a beautiful black couple, similar ages to Jaq and myself. We had chatted on occasions but had never really got to know them that well. It was a Friday evening, and the club was very quiet, with only five couples dotted around the bar.

Three of Read On. A clinic visit turned unexpectedly sexual. Urology is a surgical specialty dealing with disorders of the urogenital system. Most doctors who choose this field do so because they like operating, but that's not all there is to it. We also treat conditions like stubborn urinary infections, and some of the most difficult involve the prostate. Antibiotics do not easily penetrate into the It's not The subtle beeps grow louder and more frequent, until they have transfigured themselves into a blaring klaxon, now accompanied by the harsh, blue flash of the alarm that tells me I am needed.

The utterly Erotic physical exam stories display case that is the lid to my chamber now opens, just as slowly and dramatically as ever. It's not as frosty Erotic physical exam stories often it is, so I know I must have really slept in. We appreciate this is unsettling and unnatural. Be assured that this is just a brief forray into the world of Medical Science. Vaginas are, of course, nectar oozing flowers of femininity to be worshipped, adored, ravaged, and abused. Their primary purpose remains that of cum receptacle.

The beginnings of another night shift. I pulled the navy blue scrubs denoting me as Ward Sister over my head and attached my name-badge and Erotic physical exam stories. I was still getting used to the fact I was in charge of the ward. Some time has elapsed and life goes on. Yes, my rectal thermometer is in the nightstand next to my bed and I take my rectal temperature from time to time. Sometimes Erotic physical exam stories will masturbate as I am doing it and sometimes I just enjoy the feeling of taking my rectal temperature.

It was time for my five-year colonoscopy. I made my initial intake and information appointment. At the meeting, I met yet another new Doctor at the practice. This would be my fourth colonoscopy and my fourth Doctor. I guess spending your days pushing things up other's asses is not as glamourous as it seems. This guy seemed okay enough but asked several more questions than the prior Added: 08 Jan Category: Medical Words: 5, Tags: gay male anal penetration anal sex oral sex rimming 8 Comments.

Hi, Hye-Jin here. I know, someone has to do it. Korean women back home are known for their flawless white skin, but in America we like to get a nice tan. Like so many people in this year ofwe had all hoped the worst was behind us. The vaccine programs were only partially effective and the virus kept mutating putting more and more people at risk. The changes in society were almost unbelievable. I know no one would have predicted a several year lock-down, but it is proving effective.

You could literally go days without seeing anyone, I sat in the waiting room, nervously tapping my foot. A quick glance around the room showed several other tapping feet and drumming fingers. We all tried really hard not to make contact, but we all know why we are here.

The dreaded ED, Erectile Dysfunction. As embarrassed as I was, I was also a bit hopeful. My beautiful Asian wife has had a lot of thorough exams at military bases by male docs Ever since my wife and I were married and she started being seen on military bases for the majority of her medical needs, I have noticed a trend. Up until just recently, the wife of a man who is in the military has her doctor on the military base. She is ased a primary care manager PCM and he or she takes care of most of her routine appointments.

Now, unlike private practice doctors Jordan woke up to the bells and buzzers, bright lights, and frantic voices of the emergency room. The fog started to lift from his head and the voices became clear as he realized it was him they were so frantic about. Looking down at his legs he saw the blood, too much blood. He had never seen so much in one place. It was a day like any other, well almost. Being a type two diabetic, I must have a check-up every three to six months to check on my blood sugar, cholesterol and such things.

The thing is, because of my doctor's early retirement, I had to get a new doctor, Erotic physical exam stories one that was ased to me was a woman. Katie meets a young patient again and gives him a more complete treatment. Their last patient had just left over an hour ago. She looked at her coworkers, Samantha and Caroline. All three ladies had finished catching up with their paperwork and Robert walked up to the counter. From the dottiness of his steps, it was clear he was uncomfortable walking.

The elderly receptionist adjusted her glasses. She too was wearing the sterile pastel mint green scrubs. Andrew's emergency service, how may I help you? Donna needed a different kind of treatment plan and the good doctor had just such a plan in mind I've been having those dreams again. And please call me Donna," she said, mustering a bit of a smile. Pendleton knew what dreams she was speaking of; he had been treating her for a couple of years now. Those same dreams that troubled you before?

While unloading some equipment from the van, I strained my back yet again. I really should have kept up those exercises for my back. While not in great pain it was very uncomfortable, so I booked in to see my physiotherapist. The earliest I could get an appointment was on Thursday, in three days, by then I was walking with a bit of a hobble and a lean to the left.

Ginny, my Judy looked at me through her spread knees. She was a smoldering fire just waiting for that one little burst of fresh air to fan her into a full-blown conflagration. And I was about to blow her fire to life. Tell me what you want. But this time, use your words," I said. She knew exactly what I meant. She knew that I didn't want the sweet and pure and mannerly Judy. No, I His doctor's appointment with sexy Dr. Washington isn't the only thing on his wife's agenda.

I walked into the house after a long day of work to find my wife Jackie waiting for me on the couch. Erotic physical exam stories was a little more dressed up than usual, and her brunette hair was perfectly styled. She looked delicious.

Erotic physical exam stories

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