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In addition to our Sacramento and Fair Oaks counseling locations, we also offer residents of California online video therapy. Our current services include:. Addiction Counseling Sacramento. When it comes to drugs and alcohol the reason most of us use them is because we like the way they feel.

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Depression Treatment Sacramento. Depression impacts us at every level, affecting our energy, thinking, sleeping, appetite and our enjoyment. Spiritual Counseling Sacramento. Or maybe you've suffered from spiritual abuse.

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Anxiety Therapy Sacramento. Anxiety can feel like the bully trying to steal your lunch money and can get in the way of what's important. Grief Counseling Sacramento. Grief can make us feel like we have lost our entire footing, shifting how we view and make sense of the world.

Teen Counseling Sacramento. Is your teen struggling with anxiety, addiction or depression or something else?

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Couple's Therapy Sacramento. You feel like you and your partner are on two different sides of the street, always passing each other by. Finding a therapist who understands you can be a daunting task on its own. Trauma Therapy Sacramento.

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You're not sure who you are anymore or maybe you've never felt seen. You feel disconnected and numb.

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