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Size: Video recording: 1 MP4 file 40 min. Photographs: 3 interview digital photographs, 1 digital photograph of an artifact, and 9 personal photographs converted to digital format. Digitized items: 11 digitized VHS cassette videos length varies. The collection consists of biographical materials, including an interview transcript, interview photographs, personal photographs, artifact photograph, oral history video, and digitized videos.

Additional videos document local media programs that highlight the Tucson Superfund site, a U. Environmental Protection Agency program about the Superfund program, and Campillo's participation with a non-profit group Female 4 older men Pirtleville video environmental health issues.

The artifact photograph documents a concentration map of the trichlorethylene plume located in southern metropolitan Tucson. In the mid s, she moved to Tucson after her mother passed away. She started working at Grabe Electric Company, and soon after got married, and then she went on to work at the old County Hospital on South Sixth Avenue. Throughout her career, Cecilia has focused on hospital ing and clinical work, before transitioning to environmental health. She currently lives with her husband Avelardo Campillo in Tucson, Arizona.

The audio recording of these interviews was later mixed by Robert Campbell and the video recording was edited by Ramani Menjugas. Quotes and excerpts must be cited as follows: Oral history interview with Cecilia Campillo, May Readers are asked to bear in mind that they are reading a transcript of the spoken word, rather than written prose.

Q: How did you -- like what part of Tucson did you live in? You know like where did your family — like did you come with your parents? Like —. Campillo: Well my mom had just passed away uh that year, in '64, and I was the last of her siblings uh and I — after her death I came to Tucson in And um I lived there for quite a of years. I worked downtown. I worked at Grave Electric Company, which is no longer Female 4 older men Pirtleville video.

And then the rest is a lot of medical environment uh work that I did. Q: And so, uh when did you first learn about the contamination in Southside Tucson?

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Campillo: Well uh it was in the newspapers so often and on TV and so, you know, you started um listening and reading about it, but not really paying too Female 4 older men Pirtleville video attention it was kind of a different topic that was being, you know, talked about. But uh then uh you're uh — you start to realize that it's your city and you want to know more about it. And so, the years in the 80's, I guess the late 80's is when I really got involved in, in paying attention and getting involved in meetings and listening to what was going on.

And um then I was working at a social service agency at the time and I uh attended a lot of the meetings at El Pueblo Neighborhood Center regarding this issue of the water contamination. EPA was in town at that time and a lot of uh the responsible parties were ing in meetings there at El Pueblo. And so, my husband, Abe, and I started attending uh those particular meetings, which were very interesting at the time and quite educational.

We would just sit there and listen to what was going on. There were a lot of technical conversations which we didn't really understand, a lot of acronyms that we've never heard, but we learned later what they stood for. And uh it was uh like I said a time of uh, time for involvement when we did. And we became part of the TCE Subcommittee. And that was spearheaded by Lorraine Lee at that time. And uh she brought in Female 4 older men Pirtleville video from the local government, city and county and uh then state at some point in time. And uh community, community was very important.

The meetings were well attended by a lot of community that were uh trying to uh express the way they felt and express they did. A lot of contention at the table you might say and uh we — because we were getting to know each other, the government and the community. We wanted them to hear about our problems. And we wanted them to understand what is it that we wanted them to do for this community, which was uh at that time, you know, find out why the illnesses were happening, find out what, what was the reason the water was polluted to that extent.

As you know the parts per billion are. And uh people claimed that their health was impacted and, and rightfully so. There was a lot of anger and uh questions and things like that.

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So that's — that was the beginning of the involvement on our part. Q: Okay. And did you see any illnesses in your neighborhood or anything of that sort? Campillo: No, not — no not really. We heard that there were illnesses not only in a certain street here in Tucson and I don't remember — if it was Elvira. I'm not sure but because at that time a committee of people known as the Tucsonans for Clean Environment had gotten involved and they were the persons that brought up, brought to light the problems of health and all that. And then uh we understood at the time that there were um issues at Sunnyside High with the children's health.

And there was a particular teacher and I don't recall her name at this time that did a study and found that the incidences of health were very high. And uh other things that came about like the article with Jane Kay and boy that was really explosive, and it was very truthful, and it was to the point of an um investigation at that time. So, like I say again, very educational for us to be there at that time.

Campillo: Mm-hmm. Well beginning from the — excuse me. From the TCE subcommittee Female 4 older men Pirtleville video, they, the subcommittee, brought a lot of information and that was our way of learning through them what the issues were. And not only did they talk about it, but they acted on some of those uh problems by um encouraging the responsible parties to talk about it along with the community. And then the state uh A-ADEQ, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, came in and then they suggested that perhaps uh other agencies having to do with environment show up.

And I'm trying to remember so many, so many components of the subcommittee that was brought in by them. And it's hard to recall, but I'm going to do my best to really give you the, really give uh uh you the history of what I know. Just that I need a little time to remember. Oh uh. The ATSDR was also involved and uh they brought in a person to come in and do a study which was always inconclusive and never really um stressed the fact that TCE and health problems were connected.

Um there was no conclusive, conclusion, conclusion on that point. And it was very frustrating to the community that we didn't have answers. We never missed a meeting and uh, and uh the reason that you can't miss meetings like that is because you lose information. There is so much technical talk or speak as they say and so many things that you have to absorb, and they give us packets to bring home to read, show us Female 4 older men Pirtleville video map of the plume, where, how extensive and expansive it was.

And, and, and our interest was sincere.

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We wanted to really learn how we could help by participating in the UCAB. And uh e-even today I still Female 4 older men Pirtleville video meetings occasionally and so it's important for community to be aware and to learn what's going on in your own backyard so to speak.

How often and then who were the people that were taking or participating in the actual meetings? Campillo: In the beginning it was every month. They would fly in from all over the country, Air Force um and local too, uh you know, like Hughes Aircraft at that time before it became Raytheon. They were a part of that. Um the uh International Guard was another component, another responsible party.

Uh Tucson International Airport people and all that uh would attend those meetings along with community. Q: Was there a large amount of community as compared to all the agencies or what were the s like, the comparison? Campillo: It was well attended. It was well balanced between the responsible parties. In some instances, there was more community than there was, um you know, the responsible parties.

And uh they'd give uh uh us a lot of uh push from the people to continue questioning the PRPs as they are known. Q: And what time period do you think was most active by community members when it came to the TIAA site?

Campillo: I believe it started back in the — in'' And uh it was in full force at that time. And about that time, um we were able to work together. We put our thoughts on the table. We put them on the table. They did the same and we came together because they, they already knew that the people were not going to relent.

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They were going to continue questioning the problems and asking how they expected to clean up the areas, the wells and so on. Q: And did you participate in any of the health studies or anything that occurred in the area? Campillo: No, um but at that time hmm I had been hired by, by the clinic director that was there and um he asked me to — he asked me if I would work in helping him uh formulate some type of a program to add to the existing clinic. And the program itself would only, would be for, to find out the causal effect between TCE and Female 4 older men Pirtleville video issues that people were uh saying had harmed their health.

So, he uh gave me a book to study — not a book but uh some material to study. And out of that I drew a program um called the TCE Program which was added to the clinic that existed there for quite a of years.

Female 4 older men Pirtleville video

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