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Megan S. As soon as you leave school, "you lose that naturally occurring community…except for your workplace," says clinical psychologist Andrea Bonior, PhDauthor of The Friendship Fix. Meaning: Just like dating, some connections may fizzle out after one or two meet-ups. The only person I've seen consistently in the last year is my S. If you're looking to make new pals in the new-ish-normal, here's how:. Or: If this person stopped having time for me, would I be disappointed or relieved? Meaning: Just like dating, some connections may fizzle out after one or two meetups.

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The Three-Strike Rule: If you ask someone to hang three times and she always says no, shift to a new prospect, Akbari says. No shame!

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The biggest barrier to making new friends in adulthood, according to Franco? Fear of rejection. Turns out, that's pretty common, and there's even a name for this phenomenon: "the liking gap. So, the next time you cross paths with a potential pal—whether virtual or IRL—believe in the power of your own likability. After all, wouldn't you want to be friends with you? Turns out, the one she enjoyed most—the class—landed her a new friend her ased co-chef. While a cooking class or group workout might not be in the cards RN, you can still become buds with the people you do interact with on the reg.

In fact, one of the best places to make new friends is the workplace, even a virtual one.

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Research finds that people who have friends at work have more positive outcomes—they're more innovative, more likely to be retained, have higher salaries on average, and are more engaged and productive, according to Franco. If you've just started a new gig, Franco suggests taking the initiative by reaching out to colleagues and saying, "I'm really trying to get to know people in the office, do you have some time to connect?

Once they Female looking to make friends yes which they will! Your opportunities for meeting new peeps have likely dwindled over the past year, but that doesn't mean you can't add to your crew. Franco encourages socially-distanced friend seekers to build on the existing relationships they have with acquaintances, like coworkers, neighbors, anyone who's already in your life.

Not only is it easier to build a friendship when you have a shared foundation, but it makes it more likely the bond will last. So, the easier we can make a friendship, the more likely we are Female looking to make friends keep it. Another perk of pursuing acquaintanceships? You get to reap the built-in bennies of " the mere-exposure effect ," which is the research-backed idea that we like people just because we're around them a lot. Think: the colleague you always see in Slack channels, the neighbor you wave to from your yard. Considering you've already got at least one thing in common location, careerthose shared interests can help spark a conversation.

That aforementioned acquaintance who seems cool? Strike up a convo about something superficial, like your neighborhood or a compliment on their work project. Maybe you open up about WFH life with your S. Or mention how you once dealt with a spur-of-the-moment Zoom call—think: anything that might garner an "Omg, same!

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The quickest way to get over the weirdness: Call it out. We could go for a masked walk around Female looking to make friends park. Worst they can do is say no, and if they do, don't sweat it. Friend rejection is usually due to incompatibility of life stage, says Franco, rather than because they dislike you.

Gathering a bunch of buds together is a great way to maintain new friendships as your social sched inevitably becomes busier. You can even amplify your friendship-making impact by letting each person know they can bring any of their friends to hang out, too. Some may feel more comfortable keeping their friends separate, so it's important to respect their boundaries, says Franco, but there's nothing wrong with offering up the option.

Think of it as networking, but for your personal life. And know that technology can help, but only if it gets you closer to actual face time pending your state's COVID guidelines and your vaccination status. It is not," says Akbari, who notes that being proactive is key.

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