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Jasmine found herself bored and a needy one evening, she has to go to work early tomorrow and going out is not really an option. Besides, what were the odds that she would actually find a guy to take home at her favourite bar tonight. She thinks Forced male orgasm stories taking care of herself Forced male orgasm stories she needs a warm up to really put herself in the mood. So she made herself a Cosmo and retire in from of the computer. An adult website has offered some entertainment in the past and maybe she can find a man that actually knows what he is doing this time.

Jasmine has had eight encounters with men in the past few months and so far each has fallen far below her standards. They cannot last long, 15 minutes is the best so far. Why is it that men suck at giving oral? Is her clit that Forced male orgasm stories to find? It has reached the point where Jasmine would rather they not even try performing oral any more with it being that it is so disappointing.

Out of the eight guys Jasmine had decided to give a try three did not make Forced male orgasm stories out of the bar with her. Jasmine always interviewed potential men before sleeping with them. She needed to see if they will click. Five of the men she Forced male orgasm stories the go ahead. They at least sounded interesting but when it came to sex they were disappointing to say the least. Ten minute wonders, awkward moments, hell one guy could not even get it up when it was time.

So Jasmine decided to give the website another try besides; sometimes a guy actually comes up with a creative post. As Jasmine begin browsing the hundreds of posts left by men hoping to get lucky, she didn't even click on titles like Horny and Hung, I'm ready for you baby. Come over ASAP and fuck me, they are the "one liners"?

Who the hell would even reply to a post like that? Jasmine was looking for someone's post to jump out at her. Jasmine scrolled further down and saw a post The : Jasmine read the post and it impressed her, this guy put some thought into his writing and she became curious about what he claims he can do to the right woman. Jasmine closed the post, read a few more and headed off to bed for the night. As she lay in bed you realized that her thoughts kept going back to The Forced Orgasm and what this guy has written.

Jasmine also realized the thought of being restrained by a man she just met also excited her. Fifteen minutes later Jasmine jumped out of bed, headed downstairs and replied to his post. The next day, while Jasmine was on her lunch break she checked her and noticed The Forced Orgasm had replied to her. After a few s throughout the day they set a location for a drink that evening.

Jasmine had doubts it would go further than the drinks but who knows, so Jasmine stayed open minded. The Drinks: Over drinks, Jasmine found herself laughing and having a good time with this stranger. He is funny and yet goofy at the same time. Jasmine got a sense that he does not mind poking fun at himself and can be quick witted. He is ok at darts but let her win a game or two. Jasmine kept prodding him about what exactly The Forced Orgasm is but he only gives enough details that made Jasmine even more curious.

On the looks scale Jasmine gave him a 6. Jasmine asked him how long The Forced Orgasm takes and he replies, "Until you are begging and pleading for me to stop. Jasmine thought, "Yeah right"?. When he asked her if she would like to go to his place she said yes. His Place: Jasmine followed him back to his place. Jasmine was a bit nervous but excited at the same time, can this man deliver as promised? Jasmine hoped so. Jasmine excused herself to the bathroom, he tells you it is down the hall first door on the right. The Beginning: This is always the awkward part Jasmine thought to herself, how do we start?

He kissed her The Chair: He led Jasmine to a chair in the living room, it's a blue lazy boy. There is a coil of rope, some material that is like silk and a towel in the chair. He asks Jasmine if she has ever been tied or restrained before, Jasmine says "only a few times in the past, you know, fake handcuffs and stuff.

He tells Jasmine to get her shirt off. You comply. The Restraint: He directs her to sit down in the lazy boy, the chair is very comfortable. Her shirt is gone but her bra is still in place and she still has her skirt around her waist. He moved around to her right side, takes her hand, kisses it gently then begins tying her wrist to the back leg of the chair. The knot is simple but effective. He moves over to her left and again ties her wrist to the back leg of the chair. Jasmine is starting to get nervous again, more than before, what is she letting this guy do to her. She is helpless and he can do whatever he wishes to her.

She calms herself and Jasmine feels the wetness in her panties for the first time. He leaves her legs and ankles unbound; Slides her butt down a bit in the chair so she is about six inches from the end of the chair. He then places her legs over the arm rests and spre her legs. He lifts Jasmines skirt around her Forced male orgasm stories exposing her inner thigh. He starts with a small vibrator, first sliding it along her inner thighs, brushing her panties with it as he makes his way up in between her breasts then teasing her nipples.

The time is PM. But he never seems to give her that full direct touch she is craving. He is taking his time with Jasmine. She wants him to take her nipple and suck it deep and long into his mouth but he denies himself this pleasure. It is like he knows the longer he can make her think he will give her clit direct attention and doesn't, the more you want him to touch her clit.

Jasmine aches for it to be touch. Just touch my clit or nipple already Jasmine thought to herself. He moved down inside of her legs kissing and caressing her calf muscles. Kisses her feet and sucks on her toes, this usually tickles but not now, it feels incredible. The thought occurs that he is worshipping her body and oooooooh she is so damn horny. It is a bit larger than a shoe box. What Forced male orgasm stories in the box Jasmine wondered?

Forced male orgasm stories will he touch me, this is getting crazy, I want him Forced male orgasm stories touch my clit, I need him to touch my clit Jasmine thought to herself. His cheek brushes along her mound and she felt the wetness through her panties. He looked up at Jasmine as if to say she is now ready to be touched here.

His finger slides in and moved her panties revealing Jasmines shaved lips for the first time. They are fully engorged and he touches them, licks them. He sucks Jasmines lips into his mouth. His tongue parts her slit and headed straight for her clit. YES, finally he will lick it.

Jasmine knew she would cum with just a few strokes of his tongue. But he pulls his tongue back right before he gives Jasmine her much needed release. She moaned in agony. Jasmine asked? The Toy: He pulls off the top of the box and holds up his toy for her to view.

It is long with a white handle and blue trim. The handle is about 18 inches long and on the end is a round egg looking object about the size of baseball with small plastic knobs on one end. The handle has two switches and on one end is a power cord. At first she was terrified he will try and put that thing inside her? Jasmine thought but then after a moment she realized that the toy is a big vibrator, kind of like a back massager. Up by the power cord a rope had been tied to the end forming of a loop. He then placed the loop over Jasmines head and allows the vibrator to hang from her neck.

He adjusts the loop and places the head of the vibrator right on her clit. In this position the vibrator can not be moved from Jasmines clit. Jasmine nodded yes knowing that it would not take long. He flips the switch, adjusts the head of the vibrator one last time and sits back to watch. Jasmine felt the powerful vibrating head on her clit. It's pulsing began to bring her closer and closer to climax. Jasmine could feel it building; she wanted to cum, she need to cum.

The muscles in Jasmines vagina begin to contract slowly at first but then more violently like a cramp. Her legs twitch and her eyes begin to roll back into her head; Jasmines hands opening and closing, grabbing for something, anything. Jasmines nipples harden.

Her whole body convulsed involuntarily. Jasmine was cumming like crazy and loved it. Jasmine gasped for more air because it was not over. She thrashed around wanting to relieve pressure from her clit.

Forced male orgasm stories

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