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Latin Americaextending from the deserts of northern Mexico to the icy wilds of Tierra del Fuego in Chile and Argentinaencompasses many diverse countries and peoples. Though most of these countries are largely Catholic and Spanish -speaking, thanks to a shared history of colonization by Spainthey have at least as many differences as they do similarities with each other.

The terms are often used interchangeably, though the words can convey slightly different connotations.

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It is important to clarify that the refer only to a person's origin and ancestry. In general, "Latino" is understood as shorthand for the Spanish word latinoamericano or the Portuguese latino-americano and refers to almost anyone born in or with ancestors from Latin America and living in the U. Although people from French Guiana are sometimes accepted as Latino since French shares linguistic roots with Spanish and Portuguese, there is much debate about whether people from English -speaking Belize and Guyana and Dutch -speaking Suriname truly fit under the category since their cultures and histories are so distinct.

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With this understanding, a Brazilian could be Latino and non-Hispanic, a Spaniard could be Hispanic and non-Latino, and a Colombian could use both terms. However, this is also an imperfect categorization, as there are many indigenous peoples from Spanish-speaking countries who do not identify with Spanish culture and do not speak the dominant language.

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What’s the Difference Between Hispanic and Latino?