Halo 5 matchmaking australia

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OP Sorby Has done something to fix the issue or has a whole bunch of Aussie gone and bout or started playing halo 5? Show More Show Less.

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Its hard to say. Maybe is doing a test to see what works and what doesn't. It could be a pretest to Mays update. But again im only guessing. But if its working I would start playing as many games as you can. And enjoy it before something else goes wrong! I was told that the regions were unlocked and so now games can be found in just about any playlist for australians. But Halo 5 matchmaking australia has gone wrong with mine and the exact opposite effect has happened to my matchmakingwhere i cant find games and need to be in full parties to find a match with people.

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I ed a group of 7 for warzone and they couldnt find a match until after i left. Not too sure whats gone wrong for me :. They took off region lock for Australia last night. I was actually able to find games in FFA for the 1st time.

If it's true that would explain why I had a warning on my FFA saying I couldn't cause latency was too high. So I guess we will be getting these lag issues everyone has been complaining about.

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Lag was already an issue for me. Can't see how this will help. ZippySkippy wrote:. Well no region lock would explain it but I guess we will get to be the ones complaining about lag if what everyone says about the EU region lock going off is true. Not that I'm complaining I'm happy done something about the issue and I'm yet to experience any issues as of yet.

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I am Australian I sit alot wrote:. Certain Finesse wrote:. Wait, we had matchmaking?

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Seriously though, my net couldn't handle to normal amount of lag, this won't help people like me unfortunately. Interesting point though, I didn't experience any lag during the Doom beta, I cannot fathom why, given how consistently bad my connection is. Sorby86 wrote:.

Halo 5 matchmaking australia

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Halo 5 Matchmaking not working for warzone. At all.