Hook up transformer backwards

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Mar 12, My shop has a step down primary to secondary transformer. They want me to use this transformer and wire it reversed.

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My primary being my load for my hoist and my secondary being my line from my mdp. Voltages will still match the transformers rating. Just the line and load will be reversed. Any one installed a transformer this way? Any thoughts? ed Sep 20, You won't have a neutral on the original primary side, which will end up being your secondary. ed Apr 25, I understand that concept just wondering if i should be concerned with it going bad.

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Being wired differently. Three phase. ed Feb 21, No it won't go bad. Be aware that the inrush on the new "primary" side will be pretty high, you'll need to size your breaker accordingly. ed Mar 11, Additionally you will need to corner Hook up transformer backwards the transformer or install ground alarms. ed Jan 17, Don't bond "XO" if you choose to go this Hook up transformer backwards.

I removed these from 2 "back fed" xfmrs after a single phasing incident. The smoke from the melting insulation set off the F. Yes, the one on the left melted completely in two! ed Jul 21, ed Oct 3, H2 grounded b. ed Sep 26, ed Nov 16, I am wondering why you wouldn't want to bond xo on the low side?

I call it this for less confusion, but it still is wound as a wye. I always thought you still had to bond xo. Kinda confused now. ed Apr 5, When hooking up a transformer backwards you do not bond the X0 or connect to the neutral. Some transformers have a label to remind you. Ground one output leg. Will drive the lift repair man crazy unless he has seen a corner ground system. ed Oct 23, For one it is a code violation grounding a system down stream from the main neutral ground bond. Why do you bring neutral to a wye service even if you don't use it?

Fault current. But I am just set on thinking if you hook up a wye system and something happens to it, the only path is phase to phase. MAybe I should not have said to bond xo, but to bring neutral to it. Xfmers are not smart.

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Hook up transformer backwards

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Wiring a Transformer backwards