How to find the perfect girl for you

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Please leave empty:. She is very passionate about learning or doing one specific subject. She wants to get into my pants. She avoids going outside whenever possible. She isn't afraid to flaunt herself and has courage. Comments Change color. Baster I don't even know how to answer question I guess I came here for you to magically tell me what I like. Or well maybe I am aromantic. Andy How to find the perfect girl for you Alligator I sooo love girls.

I want to marry them like right now especially if they are sexy. Zach Baker Cool thanks for the quiz it was fun. I'm a Bi bean I did the quiz twice, cause I just wanted to see if I'd get the type that I like, which is either confident and funny or smart and nice. Alec Heesacker Not What I Had Wanted! Diego R FG Cute and funny for me, perfect. Eden I got emo girl How to find the perfect girl for you it very sensitive and not confident at all this is very accurate. Im a Bi girl I got cute and Funny. She's the one who will always want to get in your bed and into your pants.

She will go down on you in a theater, like the Alanis Morrisette song goes you might have to ask your parents about that tune. Warning - though she's sexy as all get-out, she might also be a bit more likely to cheat and to get into other peoples' pants as well. But hey - you might have to take the bad with the good if you want that type. Good luck. Hi I'm bi I literally came out as bi to my friends 2 days ago and it was so scary but they are all fine with it but I'm really scared to tell my parents.

I'm bi 13 year old girl and I prefer women. My "perfect" girl would be really similar to me. All bouncy and loud and laughs at anything and loves to sing even through they know they are awful. I have a crush on one of my best friends and they are lesbian so that's good but I'm to scared to ask if get fancy me cos they have hinted at it. They are like me but less of everything: quieter ext.

Cute and funny girl which I think fits me. Gay Joogie I got nerd girl. I like nerds actually. I got 'cute and funny girl'. Delete this comment Cancel.

How to find the perfect girl for you

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6 Tips To Help You Attract The Perfect Woman For You