How to play mind games on women

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But stay with me here for a second. This post will give you a great overview of games women play, plus, you will learn how you can play them back. We will classify the mind games women play in a few high-level that will help you understand the female psychology behind dating.

Far before a single word has been exchanged, women are already making sure that he is the one who is chasing. Some women keep playing this game long after the two have first met. Have you ever noticed that some women bury their noses on their phone on your agreed meeting spot or always fail to see you first? Clueless guy : Gosh, I wonder how could she not see me. Well, if you have been wondering that: wake up and smell the coffee my friend: many women play games :.

Also notice how Carrie often looks away as they talk. That way, making him look at her more often that she looks at him, she positions him as the one who wants something from her, which gives her power. Well played. She was a real champ :. She came out of the metro, dressed to the nine and walked two meters beside me with long stride and erect spine like a catwalk model who was overdoing her catwalk.

Then she stopped 3 meters in front of me, emphatically looked left and right as if she was looking for someone, and then stopped there. I laughed, then immediately proceeded to knock a couple of points off of her for being such a game player. Also in: a scientific guide to approaching a girl. And making him chase starts by feigning disinterest or, at least, showing less interest then he does.

This is one of those games that risk derailing the budding relationship if any of the two overdoes it. I recommend that you break How to play mind games on women vicious circle not by calling her game out, which risks pushing her on the defensive and denying, but by making the first step towards a more constructive relationship where adults with a secure attachment How to play mind games on women have the courage to be honest. But I like you. And maybe we can get along well. But to know for sure, we should find the time for a coffe. Gold diggers are an extreme example, but normal women who seek a provider also play.

See an example here:. Overall, I was having a very bad impression of this girl. I threw her a lifeline to take a step back with that last message, but she was sinking in value in my eyes P. Most men are happy to accept that frame and invest because, on average, women are more valuable than men in the dating marketplace. Depending on your background and dating culture investing in a woman might actually be fine and might also be the safest way to eventually get her also read: how to date, a scientific look into dating.

A relationship where one gives and the other only asks indeed is a very poor one. The first time a girl messages a boy is the first time she will start thinking about delaying response games. A game of tit for tat where you make her wait longer and longer can be dangerous because it can turn into a slippery slope where you simply abandon each other.

In this example, she was very warm and quite chasing me in person. But her message came with a delay and with a very snubbing tone:. The last point is the most important. As we mentioned before, your objective here is to break the vicious circle of game playing. Because there are some games that help the two of you and can actually add value.

But the delay game women play does not help. See it this way: one of you must be an adult about dating and relationships. And let it be you. No self-respecting woman would show up early to a date and wait for him. Many women will show up late and some will show late on purpose. How to play mind games on women than 10 minutes she must write to you. If she is not apologizing, consider it a very bad and a strike against her character.

If she also not responsive, consider the date off and move. And moved to look for better prospects. Here is another old trick. The How to play mind games on women who cancels communicates he cares less about the event, meeting or date. So canceling a date can work in making men want her even more. Of course at this point, I could not be sure whether she had a real reason to cancel or not. But since she canceled on the same day of our scheduled date, I reacted the only way possible read below.

How do you recognize a real need to cancel a date from a game women play? Simple, you look for the following:. Let it die. And if she reinitiates with a lame excuse, you know she liked you, you know she feels guilty and you know she knows she misbehaved and, likely, you know that she was playing a mind game :. The problem with many games women play is that they work with the most undiscerning men.

But with cooler guys, they just hurt everyone. Starting with the woman herself: in this example, I really lost most of my interest in her. And sometimes they can be a bit subtle. But, even if said jokingly and seemingly good for our seduction, it would have still been me proving myself to her. Lucio : Nono lady, you prove yourself to me. Many advanced dating games and power moves belong to this group. And learning to deal with them is all about increasing your emotional intelligence pals, there is no shortcut Social Power course is your best shortcut.

If her biggest bargaining chip is spreading her legs you should play at another table the stakes are low here -ThePowerMoves. Men who give in to the bartering game of withholding sex are communicating a host of bad traits, including:. That is why you must always refuse to even entertain withholding sex games. I should get to work now, and you should probably go. Then watch her chase you as she should! She has to make her up for her manipulation. This is actually a high-quality woman type of game. Women play this all the times, in different formats.

Typical Madonna game to avoid looking slutty. Or maybe all three of them combined. You can commitment games herebut some of the most popular include:. This one basically says: start to get serious or I am drifting away and might meet someone else. In a way, she is giving you more control over her.

As long as you give commitment. Her : My new teammate Marco is sooo nice to me. Today he invited me for lunch and he taught me so much about. This is a threat of triangulation, and old seduction technique Robert Greene talks about in The Art of Seduction. Adelyn Birch considers triangulation emotionally manipulative behavior, and while I would normally agree with her, you must also ask yourself if you are not wasting her time. All threats, including breakup threatsare, of course, nasty games. I highly recommend men not to get into a relationship under any type of threat.

Not only it would give all the power to her, but it also says a lot about what she thinks of you not so much and provides a preview of how she might behave in the relationship. This is a good type of ultimatum game actually. And of course, there are the games that women play in relationships. Relationships games start with her rewriting the history of how you two met and, somewhat magically, it always ends up looking like you chased her far more than you actually did :. Relationships have very different games and power dynamics and men and women play different games because of their different needs.

Not all games are created equal. Some games women play, same as for some games men play, are actually helpful for the relationship and can even be the s of a high-quality woman. But some others can be very nasty and lead to highly toxic relationships. As usual, I have read other articles before writing this one and there is some incorrect information around.

No, sorry, women who are attracted to men rarely if ever How to play mind games on women tell them they are just friends. The only exceptions are with coworkers and when other people are around, in which case she might be trying to protect her reputation.

How to play mind games on women

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How to Beat a Woman’s Mind Games?