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Save to lightbox. Photo: Susannah V. The Nice ethos is inspired by Howard Marksthe counter cultural hero and cannabis activist who championed the human spirit and staying true to self. Howard Marks World premiere of 'Mr. British former drug dealer and author Howard Marks arrives for the premiere of the film 'Mr. Nice' at the city kino cinema in Munich, Germany, 20 June The film adaption of his autobiography which appeared under the same title will play in Germany cinemas from 23 June on. London, England - Nice' at the Atlantis cinema in Munich, Germany, 20 June Nice is a biopic, directed by Bernard Rose, of former drug dealer Howard Marks.

Photographed campaigning in Norwich during the General Election when Marks stood for the legalise cannabis party. Howard Marks 'Mr Nice' writer, performer and former Howard marks photos smuggler. Howard Marks, writer author and former drug dealer and smuggler, Edinburgh, Scotland, Howard marks photos and poses with the book at the city kino cinema in Munich, Germany, 20 June

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howard marks images