Interesting dating site questions

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Dating can be a major time suck.

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These questions are worded in a way that sound playful and fun but the way he answers them will give you a lot of information. Remember to splice these questions with some back and forth conversation. This is how you find out if he likes to go out and party or if he rather binge-watch something on Netflix.

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Is he an all inclusive-resort or get lost in the forests of Colombia kind of guy? This question will tell you about his go-to source of fun. Then he should follow up with what he does and you can ask more questions about that.

This is a great dating question to ask because it shows you what he thinks about money. These online dating questions will uncover what he values. The answer to this will tell you where his priorities are. People love to talk about to what makes them tick. After Interesting dating site questions to hundreds of single men, I also find that men who struggle to answer this question do not have a very creative personality. This one gives you a sense on how he sees his life.

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Does he live with regret? Is he stuck in the past or does he want to keep moving forward? This is a fun and creative way to see where he sees his life going.

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Will he be the type to be yelling at the kids to get off his lawn? Or will he spend 6 months out of the year travelling on his yacht? This question is playful and very revealing. When you ask this question to a man, it will seem casual but his answer is very revealing. The kind of stuff he watches on YouTube is a good look into what areas of life he prioritizes and Interesting dating site questions kind of content he likes to absorb. This is a fun question that will give you a little inside look into how he sees the opposite sex. A good question that can lead you into talking a little more about his family.

Generally speaking, men who are close to their family and prioritize that are more likely to be family-oriented boyfriends. Before I leave you, I wanted to give a few bullet points on the best ways to talk to a man on dating appshere they are:. Far too many questions. I have four basic questions which can be Interesting dating site questions to 5 or to 7. I strongly suggest that the answers to these questions give an excellent insight into the nature of the respondent. Thanks for your insight David! I am from Scotland, but would be moving to Germany I am chatting with one German and one British guy but the British guy he ask questions he ask me if I prefer romantic or adventure travels?

If he arrange for us a trip if I would agree to that? He told me he is a simple romantic man who wants to be loved he ask me what is love to me? He said he knows what our first date is going to be like? Your advice on questions! I would stay away from this personally but just go with your gut and make sure you stay safe. Author Recent Posts. Lana Otoya. Lana is a professional dating coach. She helps confident and successful women meet confident and successful men. Latest posts by Lana Otoya see all.

Interesting dating site questions

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97 Online Dating Questions to Get the Conversation Started