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Joseph Martin at the July 1 Town Council reorganization. Stern will take over as interim town manager on July 18 and serve for no longer than 60 days, during which time the Council will search for a permanent replacement for Martin.

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Both Ryan and Alex Roman, a newly elected Council member, indicated that they thought that Verona would have no problem attracting qualified candidates for town manager. Verona is a so-called Faulkner Act town, which means that we have a Town Council and a paid town manager; the arrangement has been likened to a corporation with a CEO and a board of directors. Stern is year resident of Verona and a year member of the Police Department.

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Kennedy School of Government. Council members Bob Manley and Jay Sniatkowski were also not present. Reached by text message, Manley and Sniatkowski indicated that they would reserve comment on the change for the next regularly scheduled Town Council meeting. Martin built an early career in public service as a reformer.

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He was part of the team assembled by Peter Shapiro in the late s to create the office of Essex County Executive and streamline county agencies. Coming to Verona, Martin reduced town government headcount, achieved a strong bond rating for the Joe martin verona nj and, more recently helped to negotiated a new contract with the Police Department that could cut the cost of policing in Verona in the future. But Martin had come under fire in recent years for increasing taxes as Verona struggled through the recession.

Often short-tempered with public questions at Council meetings, Martin has been at the center of two high-profile disagreements. In Septemberhe agreed to mediation on a criminal complaint filed by Nochimson after Martin made a late-night phone call to Nochimson that the councilman felt was intimidating.

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Verona PBA Local 72 filed a complaint against the town in July over problems with Police Department technology, and alleged that Martin threatened the police officers who brought the complaint. That matter remains unresolved. Ryan said that Verona need a definition to be in compliance and that we are one of the last towns in Essex County to be without a steep slope ordinance. Verona is better today than before he arrived. Christopher Tamburro. Letter: Nochimson Delivers. Letter: Re-Elect Nochimson.

To the Editor: I have known Michael for over 12 years now and. Letter: All In For Nochimson. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Joe martin verona nj how your comment data is processed. By admin on July 13, Tweet Pin It. Pin It. Related Posts:. Latest Popular Comments. The Verona Public Library invites Posted 8 hours ago 0.

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Town Manager's Contract Approved, 'Bedside Manners' Aside