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Joey was featured in storylines such as a problematic relationship with his father due to his absence in his life, and a relationship with his first cousin Lauren Branning Jacqueline Jossa. Joey and Lauren's relationship was one of the prominent storylines featured throughout and The character is recognised as one of the sexiest males in the show's history, and Witts won "Sexiest Male" at the Inside Soap Awards as well as being nominated again at The Joey eastenders dating Soap Awards In Octoberit was announced that Witts had decided to leave the show.

The door was left open for a possible return for the character, and Joey left Albert Square to live with his mother on 26 December He punches Derek and then reveals he is his son. He makes it clear he wants nothing to do with Derek. He tricks Derek into giving him money, which he gives to Lucy, as Derek has been stealing money from her. He then decides to show Alice what Derek is really like, so invites several friends Joey eastenders dating a family dinner, leading to Derek Joey eastenders dating to punch Joey.

However, Alice is just angry at Joey for ruining Joey eastenders dating day. He later helps Lucy when she is being pestered by someone, and they end up kissing. Joey manages to con Derek out of more money for Lucy, and she invites him to stay with her. When Derek gains ownership of the emporium, he gives it to Joey. Lauren tells Joey he needs to tell Lucy but he insists it was just a kiss.

Lucy, Whitney and Lauren decide Joey needs to be taught a lesson Joey eastenders dating they get Lucy to call Joey to the park and then handcuff him to a gate and leave him, Lauren later returns and frees him but Joey says to her that she's jealous that he kissed Whitney and not her so Lauren slaps him and leaves.

Joey later ends his relationship with Lucy, no longer having feelings for her. He later moves in with his uncle Max Branning Jake Wood much to Derek's dismay, he then begins a sexual relationship with his cousin Lauren, and they quickly fall in love, Derek finds them kissing and informs Joey, worried he will tell Max they attempt to run away, stealing Derek's car, Lauren had been drinking and crashes the car, Derek saves them, however Joey still has no feelings for him, Joey also takes the blame for the crash, but calls off his relationship with his Joey eastenders dating as Derek threatens to tell the police that Lauren was the real driver.

Derek dies of a heart attack, and Joey does not help him. Joey breaks down at the funeral, telling Alice it is his fault. Dot Branning June Brown finds Joey and Lauren making out on her sofa, and when Joey is introduced to her as Derek's son, she is horrified and reveals the relationship to the rest of the family. However, they continue their relationship with the approval of Lauren's parents. In a fit of jealousy, Lucy spikes Lauren's drink and Joey breaks up with Lauren, leaving her Joey eastenders dating.

Lauren later leaves Walford with her mother and brother to go to a clinic to get over her alcoholism. When Lauren returns, she finds out that Joey had sex with Whitney. Joey and Lauren decide to still be friends, though Joey is jealous when he finds out that Lauren is seeing another man. Joey Joey eastenders dating increasingly concerned about his sister Alice, and the way she is involved in a bitter custody feud between Michael and his wife Janine Butcher Charlie Brooks.

After Alice is imprisoned for Michael's murder, she tells Joey that she only killed Michael to stop him killing Janine. Joey tries to get Janine to change her statement to confirm this, but Janine refuses, claiming Alice is a murderer. Later Joey tells Janine that he believes her and when Joey comforts Janine over her loss this le to them having sex.

Janine ends the relationship when she realises Joey is just trying to get her to admit she killed Michael and Alice did not. Alice ple guilty to the murder but Janine is arrested after Joey gives the police a tape recording of Janine admitting that she killed Michael.

Joey speaks to Alice's solicitor, who confirms she will not be released because of her plea. Having nothing to stay for, Joey leaves to live with his mother. He asks Lauren to come with him, admitting that he still loves her, but Lauren decides to stay. The character of Joey Branning and his casting was announced on 9 May Speaking of his casting, Witts said, "I am delighted to be ing EastEnders after being a fan for so many years.

ing the Branning family couldn't have come Joey eastenders dating a better time especially after the recent British Soap Award wins. After an explosive entrance onto the Square, he is set to break a few hearts as he campaigns to bring Derek down. The character's arrival meant that Derek would have to "face up to his past", and that Joey was eager to show his sister, Alice, what her father was really like. Joey was billed as "charming" but also "prides himself on telling it how it Joey eastenders dating, but is in fact a compulsive liar".

The character was also easily able to attract girls, but likes to make them feel as though they made the first move — even if he has nudged them into it. Joey has been described as "Charming, good-looking, and a compulsive liar. He's actually a weird one to describe, because he's so different to everyone that he comes into contact with! Obviously his relationship with Derek is going to be very volatile and there's a lot of resentment there.

Joey can be very dark, too — not that he would admit it! But there's a lot more to him than that, which is why I'm really enjoying portraying him. He's also a bit of a lothario, and when it comes to his family, he's very protective towards Alice. So depending on who you are when you meet Joey, you can get a of different responses from him.

She added, "His father resembled a frog auditioning for a film about the Krays. His Uncle Max is lanky, ginger and balding, yet still a devil with the ladies. But Joey defied genetics and arrived on screen to adulation worthy of a One Direction band member. In an interview with Digital Spy inWitts said, "I think I've been really lucky to have some Joey eastenders dating, big storylines.

A lot of characters come in and stay in the background for a long time, but Joey eastenders dating Joey, I was lucky enough to come in and really get some good stuff. I'm really pleased with the scenes I've done with Jacqueline [Jossa] and I was very proud of how it played out. Before the Joey and Lauren storyline started, I think people had heard about the 'kissing cousins' and had a lot of reservations about it. But I was really pleased to see that once Joey and Lauren's relationship ended after the car crash, people had changed their minds and said, 'Well actually, they're so good together that we want them to get back together!

It was nice to show a vulnerable side to Joey, which usually isn't there. In Septembera storyline surfaced where Lauren Branning would fall for her cousin, Joey. Over the next few weeks, Lauren would realise that she had feelings for her cousin, and would be forced to confront her feelings. An insider for EastEnders told the Daily Star"This is going to be a huge storyline across the autumn [ It's going to be a huge storyline for us in a few weeks' time, so it's definitely one for the fans to watch out for.

Lauren is later dumped by Joey after Derek blackmails him. If Joey takes either of those options, Derek won't tell the police that Lauren was driving the car. Joey's love for Lauren is massive, but not quite as massive as his hatred for Derek.

He decides to become the villain and lie that he never loved her. He'll take the flack because that will make it easier for her to move on without him. It would all end in tears. Everyone would find out as Lauren's the sort of person who'd blurt everything out, and it would cause even more of a mess. Joey very much thinks he's doing the right thing. We always support each other and Jacqueline always asks me how it looks. But it is part Joey eastenders dating our job.

Upon being asked what his reaction was to Joey and Lauren's relationship, Witts said, "I was excited about it. Witts commented, "When Joey s the Square, he finds out very quickly that Derek is being a real git to Lucy. After Joey dumps Lauren, he begins a relationship with Lucy, who is unaware that he was sleeping with his cousin.

As a result, Lauren is heartbroken and extremely jealous. Whilst Joey and Lucy are dating, he betrays her by kissing Whitney Dean. When Whitney informs Lauren about the kiss, she persuades her to tell Lucy. Daniel Kilkelly of Digital Spy said, "Although Whitney is hoping to forget the mistake ever happened, Lauren convinces her that she should come clean with Lucy rather than deceiving her. Lucy struggles with the news of Joey's betrayal when Whitney confesses what happened, especially as she thought their relationship was getting serious.

When Joey later pays a visit to the chip shop, Lucy confronts him and has no time for his excuses. As she tells him that he can find somewhere else to sleep tonight, is it the end of the line for them? In Octobera revenge plot against Joey is shown in which Lauren, Lucy and Whitney Joey eastenders dating to "teach him a lesson". When Alice is framed for murder by Janine Butcher, Joey realises that she is the only person who can clear Alice's name. He decides to seduce Janine, and they have a drink together.

As Joey comforts Janine after Michael's funeral, they end up sleeping together. Joey realises he has feelings for Janine and has no regrets, hoping to take things further. As they talk and drink more, Janine breaks down and Joey comforts her. Suddenly the chemistry between them turns to passion, but does Joey have some kind of plan in mind? Rachel Lucas of What's on TV explained, "Determined to get the truth out of Janine, Joey corners her in the Vic, demanding she reveal what happened the night Michael died. David drags Joey outside, accusing him of behaving like his bully of a dad.

Curious when Joey reveals that Michael tried to kill Janine with sleeping pills, David brings it up with Janine. When she overreacts David realises Joey was telling the truth and comes up with a plan In JanuaryWitts hinted that he did not want to stay in EastEnders for too much longer. He revealed that he did not want to be an " EastEnders stalwart", and would like to return to theatre later in his career. Witts elaborated: "Not because there's anything wrong with it, but for me acting is a passion and it's about spreading yourself in different areas.

Joey was set to be featured prominently on-screen for the rest of the year as he gets involved in the climax of his sister Alice's dark storyline with Michael Moon. An EastEnders spokesperson told the Daily Star"We can confirm that David is leaving EastEnders later this year and we wish him all the best for the future. However, it has started to pick up and get busier in the last couple of months. From Halloween through to Christmas, you'll be seeing a lot more of me.

I want to go through the process again of picking up a script and working out what I want to do with it. InWitts expressed an interest in returning to EastEnders as Joey Branning, saying it would be "hard" to turn down the chance. When asked if he would want to return, Witts replied, "Yeah, of course.

The interesting thing about EastEnders is, I would need to gain about 10lbs in weight just to do that role again, because I was so much heavier back then [ You absolutely can never kind of pooh-pooh that idea of going back to something so successful. I think everyone's dead in my family, aren't they?

So if EastEnders ever wanted me to pop back for a bit, then I'd absolutely think about that. But I just can't imagine they will, because I don't think there's anyone Joey eastenders dating in terms of a story that would bring Joey back. Witts was very pleased with Joey's storylines, and he proved popular with fans. Upon being asked how he felt about running for 'Most Popular Newcomer', Witts commented, "I'm absolutely thrilled!

It's not something that I'd thought about before it happened, but obviously now that I've made the shortlist, I'm over the moon. To think that anyone has watched me and liked my work makes me really pleased. Witts often felt Joey eastenders dating about being dubbed as a soap pin-up. A quick Google on that shows the script writers are already making him take his clothes off. Bravo EastEnders script writers!

Reflecting back at his time on EastEndersWitts opened up and admitted that he struggled with all the fan attention that came with the role. He went on to say, "When I look back on it, it was a really short amount of time, but it felt like I was in it for ages [ I was 21 years old and at that age I wanted to do so many different things.

Joey eastenders dating

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