Luke conard abuse

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I have experienced this not once, but twice. My relationship with Alex was actually what I would consider a pretty decent relationship - at least at the start. We dated publicly, he called himself my boyfriend, we visited each other Luke conard abuse made videos together and I even still to this day believe he genuinely cared for me for at least some of it. In hindsight, the relationship was strange. I was twenty years old at the time, not a minor by any means, but I was not very emotionally experienced when it came to dating - so to me, this was a wildly romantic and spontaneous gesture.

Now I know it was not. It was creepy, and pushy, and something I had zero say in. Please, if anyone reading this finds themselves Luke conard abuse meeting an online friend with the intentions of potentially hooking up, please have a serious conversation about it together. This is a big step you need to agree to take together. I have no idea if any of the allegations about Alex happened during our relationship.

I do know he was still still dating his girlfriend when he began flirting with me. And I know he cheated on me and was actively pursuing multiple women other people he met online before we even broke up. At the time, I thought being cheated on was the worst thing that could possibly happen. I was heartbroken, but cheating happens. It took me a long time, but eventually, I managed to forgive Alex for what happened between us.

We even became friends again, which I honestly consider to be a pretty great achievement. I personally know a few of the girls who spoke out, and everything they said sounded very much like something Alex would say. How big WERE the secrets? How many girls were Luke conard abuse Did this start during our relationship, or after? I felt the weight of these confessions tenfold, especially since it dug up old emotions I thought I was done with. Five years of trust rebuilding!

Completely for nothing?

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Through my videos? Was I complicit in this, Luke conard abuse Not to mention the returned feeling of hundreds of strangers talking about your personal life. How many times must we suffer the same pain? How many times must we say these things before people will listen?

I warned people about Alex back inand no one listened to me. Professional connections. Which brings me here. Like I said. Especially since every single one of these people are people I at one point performed with, spent time with and called my friend — and all of these people were friends with my abuser. I was in an abusive and manipulative relationship with Luke Conard.

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He was older, he was charming, and we were in a band together - it felt like Luke conard abuse pieces just fell into place. For my own emotional well-being, I have to assume he cared about me at least a little. We enjoyed working on music together, we enjoyed performing, and I loved visiting him down in LA. We need to start a new band with a popular YouTube girl. It was little things - but little things that hurt. And the more popular he got on YouTube, the worse it got.

The less he seemed to care about me. Once I decided to come down to spend my birthday with him and we never left the house once, even when I repeatedly asked if we could do something, anything, to celebrate.

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Luke worked on music and I sat on his bed and eventually Sarah Snitch who was dating Alex at the time and had caught wind of the fact that my birthday was being ignored took it upon herself to make me a cake and bring it over. Sarah and I barely knew each other at this point but have gone on to become very close friends. This has always been my most humiliating secret, but one the world should know. I had absolutely zero power in the band and even less in our relationship, so I dropped it - feeling like a fool. Not to mention he still found it acceptable to try and sleep with me, any time we were together, even after we broke up.

Around this time was Luke conard abuse I found out Luke had met another girl on the side, at his river rafting job he used to hold in the summer. He was very obviously seeing her as well, even though he swore they were just friends. Once I came to LA for a week to stay with Luke and he forgot I was coming - booking a trip to see her that overlapped with my trip Luke conard abuse two whole days.

I begged him not to go, but he did anyway. Eventually, Luke told me we should start seeing other people. It hurt, but ultimately I thought it was a good thing. I agreed, and actually ended up going on a date with a guy from Seattle about a week later. When Luke conard abuse found out, he did not take it well. The next time I was in LA, he told me we should get back together. I invited him to come visit me in Seattle on my birthday, but it turned out river rafting girl was already coming to visit him during that time. I asked him to be honest with her about the fact that we were getting back together - surely if he explained to her that we needed to work on our relationship, she would understand how inappropriate it was for her to visit?

Surely HE would see that, and visit me instead? He refused to cancel the trip.

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Somehow through all of this, I was made out to be the crazy one. I was the untrusting, paranoid, jealous one. I was miserable, I would cry all the time, and my friends were beyond concerned. My friends hated Luke.

But it was a situation in which I could only help myself - no matter how much they tried to tell me to get the hell out of there, he made me feel like without ALL CAPS, I would be Luke conard abuse. I honestly felt worthless. I was even making preparations to move to LA to pursue it once and for all. I was going to move in with a mutual female friend of ours, until I found out she was also sleeping with Luke behind my back.

It was at this point, this final straw, that I gave a big middle finger to the Luke conard abuse, decided to stay in Seattle, and cut Luke out completely. Luke got off easy in that sense. My channel growth may have suffered, I may have needed to avoid the entire city of LA for awhile, but the time I took to heal was some of the most important time I ever took. No matter who you are or what the outstanding circumstances are, you deserve to be with someone who loves and respects you.

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No one is worth compromising your self-respect for. I told myself I would never be this open about my personal life ever again, but this is a story that needed to be told. This community is supposed to be safe. Oh hey.

Luke conard abuse

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