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The moment I moved to Shanghai, I knew I had to visit the Marriage Market myself, and what better way to see the market than with my father, who was visiting for the week. As a lates, American-educated, Chinese-speaking young lady, I was immediately surrounded by huge groups of parents, grandparents, middle-aged men and women, and the occasional late 20s woman. Their excited chatter filled my ears — talk about this or that gentleman who has a house, a car, a high-paying salary.

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Mention of a strapping man, centimtres in height, born in and a super-Scorpio, grabbed my attention — as well as that of the parents next to me. Umbrellas are used as a more eye-catching way to show their wares and their heirs. Photo via Pixabay. As I witnessed the exchange between the two parents, I wondered what the girl was thinking. I looked at the expression on her face, and she seemed quite soberly serious about it. Do the children want their information to be publicly exposed like this?

Was this their choice?

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Or was it done in secret? The Marriage Market is seen as Matchmaking umbrella for two the traditional style of dating in a modern city, similar to arranged marriages done by matchmakers to continue the family lineage in an honourable way. The One Child Policy has also affected partnerships, as there are now many more men than women in China.

It is predicted that by24 million men will be unmarried and unable to find a wife. How horrifying is that thought for the parents of these beloved sons? I asked my father if he would ever consider meeting someone through an advertisement on the street. He said he appreciates the love of these parents, who simply want the best for their children: happiness, stability and pride for their family. With more men than women in China, many parents are eager to find a daughter-in-law Photo via Pixabay. I emigrated to the United Matchmaking umbrella for two from China when I was six years old, and my views on relationships and marriage are quite different than the traditional Chinese thinking of a partnership.

As a still fairly old-fashioned Chinese parent, my dad does emphasise how important it is that I find a good husband who is reliable and can support me. But as a proud woman who likes to be independent and travel the world, it is hard to accept this as the reason behind choosing a partner.

The same traits are displayed: height, weight, occupation, favourite movies, books, religion, etc. Except here in the Marriage Market, it is all a bit more serious — and not just about a one-night stand. I spoke with some locals after my visit, and they told me the Marriage Market is also a form of socialising, for parents and grandparents to gather and speak about the wonderful tales of matchmaking successes, and their soon-to-be-pregnant daughter-in-law.

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While it might hold a lot of controversial traditions behind it, the atmosphere of the market really is about positive thoughts, love and encouragement from parents who just want their children to have the joy of creating a family. Traveller Stories. What lockdown has been like in Tokyo. What lockdown has been like in India.

Matchmaking umbrella for two

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The traditional Tinder: Why matchmaking families flock to Shanghai’s Marriage Market