My first cream pie

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Team Skeet knows a thing or two when it comes to hot cream pie action!

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Pussy is good, but when it's filled with cream it's a heck of a lot better! Nothing feels better than busting a nut in a tight pussy and nothing is hotter than watching it drip out of that freshly fucked snatch! Fill that hole with your little My first cream pie The girls get upset when you said you'd pull out! Maybe because no one's ever cum inside them before. Spread those lips and let that goo ooze out because that pussy is a gooey mess!

Young, dumb, and now finally filled with cum! Overflowing with cum! Tight and flexible! I can't believe you came in my pussy! It's a two-handed job! Only thing better than cumming inside is watching it ooze out! That's a sweet ass! Open wider! And you thought pussy couldn't get any better! Yep, It's that big and you're going to take every inch. I know you want a taste, My first cream pie this load is going in your pussy.

Nice big booty. Ride me until you fill my hole with cum! Get your ankles behind your head. So I caught my step-sister, Summer, planning a party behind our parents back while they were gone for the weekend. She caught me while I was recording evidence to show our parents and promised not to tell if we could work something out. She was shocked by my huge cock and just had to stuff it in her tiny mouth! Ryan came over to his girlfriend's house to pick her up for a July 4th pool party they were supposed to go to.

When she wasn't there, he gave her a call only to find out she was at another all girl party. That's when Rachel Raven, Sarah's younger sister, walked in from being at the pool, in her very patriotic bikini, and dropped the bomb on poor Ryan - Sarah left with some dude named Brad. Sarah didn't see what the big deal was, especially since she's always had a thing for him and since she was practically My first cream pie already it was only natural for some hardcore fucking to begin.

Sasha was home alone and wanted to catch some rays by the pool. Richie, the pool boy, was outside finishing up when Sasha called him over and asked him for a massage. He reluctantly agreed to rub her down, as long as no one would find out, but once My first cream pie top came off and he got a look at her perfect teen tits - it was on like donkey kong!

Chloe's parents were gone for the night and she wanted to go dancing, but her boyfriend David wanted to chill after a long day at work. He proposed a game of poker and if she won he would take her dancing and if he won he got to smash her pussy to pieces. Sounds fair to us. Little did she know that he had an ace up his sleeve - a few of them actually! What's more relaxing than chilling in the hot tub on a summer afternoon? Sharing that hot tub with the stunning Keisha Grey!

Her sister's boyfriend got to enjoy her company and Keisha thought this was the perfect opportunity to let him know about the crush she's always had on him. He was trying to be a gentleman, but Keisha wasn't having any of that and wanted his hands on opinion of her body. Tiny Tiffany was waiting for a ride from her friend, but her phone died and she couldn't get in contact with her. She knocked on David's door, and being the helpful guy he is, he invited her inside.

Since nothing in this life is free David wanted a piece of that teen ass and Tiffany had to deliver, or go back to the streets. Kaylee was visiting friends and family in L. Allie Rae was up with the beautiful sunrise this morning! She laid him out in her bed and that's when things started getting weird. Cosima is a freak! This girl sneaked in to the other room while her dad's friend was sleeping over and peeped at his huge dick under the sheets.

Amazed by his huge cock, she starts going at it and giving him the best head ever. Her dad's friend woke up in shock and didn't want to do this to his best friend but fuck it, you only live once.

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Elektra was at the mall and thought it would be a good idea to help herself to a five finger discount on a new lacy thong. Her boyfriend didn't think it was funny when he had to go pick her up from mall jail and bring her back home. He was ready to kick her out of his house - that is until she put his dick in her mouth and offered to let him creampie her!

We were in town for a big convention but the head dude in charge forgot and overslept and left me and his girl Ashley Luvbug behind as he rushed to set up our booth. I woke up with tremendous morning wood and tried to to my favorite porn site, Team Skeet, but the wifi wasn't working!

My first cream pie I knew Ashley was around I decided to use her perky natural tits and fat, juicy ass as inspiration.

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Our boy Chad stepped up to the plate and knocked Alexa's tight teen pussy straight out of the ballpark! Adrian Maya was on the job hunt and landed an interview for an office job. When the day of the interview came, Adrian got all dolled up and headed out with her head held high and her thong on the floor.

That was a calculated move because Adrian does NOT have any secretarial skills, but she makes a damn good suckretary! Charli was hanging out at home surfing the net on her phone when she heard the doorbell ring. She opened the door to find one of her dad's friends on the other side. While hanging out last night My first cream pie lost his credit card and was back to look for it. Charli, however, had other ideas and not so subtly tried to guide him in the direction of his missing card - in her shorts!

London Lynn was hard at work on a special treat for her man! While he was at the gym she was busy making him a coconut pumpkin pie. We think she forgot that he isn't a big fan of coconut and when he got home and tried it his face said it all. Defeated, London was trying to think of what else she can give her man to eat and that's when it hit her! She was gonna put whipped cream on her vag and serve him up a slice of London pie! Piper was house sitting for one of her neighbors. Piper got her vagina absolutely destroyed by her neighbor's monster meat and it was so good he forgot to pull out and left his man mayo dripping out of her slit!

Rachel was My first cream pie quiet as a mouse, when she heard a stirring from within her house. She spied from a distance in her lingerie as Santa noticed the milk and cookies on a tray. She dropped to her knees begging Santa for a gift and as an incentive she sucked on his dick! She couldn't stop there, Old Saint Nick wanted more so he took his rock hard cock and shoved it deep in that whore! Being the daughter of a big shot movie director has its perks. Rahyndee brought her new man, Bruno, over to the house to give him the grand tour and try and convince him to meet her family.

Bruno My first cream pie kinda iffy about the whole thing until Rahyndee pulled out the big guns - her tits! Sabrina Banks was having a pretty chill day at home until her landlord, Mr. Remington, came by with a 3 day notice to vacate. He wanted that cash in his hand and nothing more. Nothing more that is until Sabrina dropped to her knees in front of his cock and started gobbling on it like her life depended on it! Remington was liking where this was going so he decided to collect the back rent by digging out Sabrina's backside! Nothing feels better than busting a nut in a tight pussy and nothing is hotter than watching it drip out!

It's the end of the month and time for Anya to pay rent. The thing is she's a huge spoiled brat. Tyler, her roommate comes to collect her rent money and she was just being a bitch about it and making excuses. Tyler just had enough and told her to get her stuff and leave. Anya came up with a brilliant idea and started flirting with him, saying that she could help him out if he could help her out.

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Anya rubbed Tyler's dick through his pants and said he could fill her tight pussy with cum if that will square off her debt. He agreed and before you know it, Anya is gagging on his huge cock! She sat on his meat and got pounded into while she rode it. This tiny slut begging to be fucked and came all over his dick! Finally Tyler sprayed his load into her pussy and called it even Your mouth is just the opening act!

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Get those legs up so My first cream pie can get as deep as possible! Ride me until I fill your pussy with cum! Watch every drop ooze out! Brad woke up with some morning wood like he has never had in his life. The only cure for the stiffness My first cream pie to cum inside a tight pussy, too bad brad is kind of a loser. The ladies never really like him, so he usually just calls an escort to take care of him.

He goes through almost his entire cache of contacts and even some online ones too. His special request of being able to supply a creampie is not being taken too receptively. As he is about to give up and just start jerking off, he gets a call from Hailey. Turns out shes been craving a creampie and is totally down to supply the pie if brad has the cream. She arrives at his crib scantily clad and ready to be filled up. Brad rocks that sweet teen pussy until Hailey is ready for her glory shot. He shoots an outrageous load of white cream into her dark pink hole, so much in fact that it leaked out onto his cock and balls.

Hailey really set an amazing standard for supplying the perfect creampie, and for that, we love her. Kimmy Fabel hasnt seen her lover in almost two weeks. Fingering her juicy little twat just isnt the same without a little jizz to make it extra moist.

She wants to surprise him, by allowing him to fill her up to the brim with all the cum he could offer. Lets just say that it didnt take too long after he got home to start the process. He fucks her all over the living room, becoming creative with the positions and use of furniture. Its wonderful watching Kimmys great tits and fat ass bouncing all over the place throughout this. Her pussy awaits the cum load of her dreams, and it was nothing short of a fresh baked, homemade artisan teen cream pie! You really know how to treat a girl.

I felt your load shoot out inside me! You said you'd pull out! Alexa offered to be a seurrogate to her sister and her boyfriend. The boyfriend just My first cream pie to get off so he convinced Alexa to get pregnant the good old fashioned way, with a pussy full of cum! It's Maya's birthday and all she wants as a gift is a warm creampie. She sucks her man's dick until he's about to burst and then she climbs on top and rides that dick until her b-day wish comes true! Avery was baking a creampie but she messed it up. Luckily a friend was over who had his own special recipe.

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