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Hey, I'm a kiwi. I consider myself an adventurous, outdoorsy person. I like to get out as much as I can, I'm an avid traveler and just recently got back from a holiday in New York.

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I'm a geologist, learning programming on the side. Have many interest I really enjoy drawing and art, researching New zealand pen pal historical and modern witchcraft and paganism, and just sitting and chilling to some music. I am of Maori descent and I have a ginger cat named Franklin w Hi there, I'm an ex-South African single, newly-retired school teacher who has been living and teaching in Auckland, New Zealand for the past twenty years. I now have time to pursue some of my other passions such as watercolour painting, reading, wri I'm not telling you my name yet, but hi.

In my time, I enjoy knitting, reading, watching Youtube, and other assorted ways of avoiding people.

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Some of my interests are psychology, music, poetry, playing the k I am 8 years old girl who was born and raised in New Zealand. I am half Japanese, so I speak English and Japanese. I love to exercise such as gymnastics, dancing and climbing trees, but also like drawing, arts and craft. I often watch Japanese cart Hey there enjoy travelling and New zealand pen pal. I enjoy the beach and good company. I love learning about new cultures other than my own and the history behind it. I work in the health industry although enjoying chilling, good food, and conversation.

I want I am a primary school teacher with a class of year olds from Auckland, New Zealand.

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I play the ukulele and enjoy learning new and interesting things. I love reading good novels, learning new languages and visiting museums and art galleries. I alw Well hi there, I'm quite an introverted person when you first meet me but once I get to know you I'm very outgoing ha. I enjoy baking treats, reading in my spare time, listening to any genre of music because I'm so indecisive, hanging out with friend Tell me if you want me to draw something. I enjoy clay modeling and painting.

I am very awkward and feel guilty about everything.

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I love in-line skating. Languages: English, Persian, Japanese. Languages: English, French. Languages: English. Languages: English, Afrikaans, French, German. Languages: English, Japanese. Languages: English, German, Mandarin. Languages: English, Mandarin. Female Male Unspecified.

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Any Female Male Unspecified. I love using this site to meet new pen pals! Feels very safe, and I love all the filters.

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Met some awesome new friends :. Global Penfriends is great platform to find unique individuals, and possible lifelong friends from all over the globe; a wonderful experience indeed!

New zealand pen pal

email: [email protected] - phone:(956) 145-5484 x 5260

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