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This is going to show you a variety of ways to search on Plenty Of Fish, beyond the obvious and limited search utilities already built in to Plenty Of Fish dating which include the POF basic and advanced search. The main problem with the search features built into Plenty Of Fish is they limit you in so many ways :. This tool allows you to search by username or profile name. This is also extremely easy. If you are looking for a specific person use the POF username search tool mentioned above. What is also great about this tool is it allows you to browse POF invisibly. If you want to search for someone by first name on Plenty Of Fish there are two ways you can do this.

The POF Username Pof search interests mentioned at the top can also be used to search for someone by a name instead of a username. The only issue is most people are not going to have their last name anywhere in their profile so if you are looking for someone with a very common name you are going to get a lot of search. Not really sure if Plenty Of Fish has this Pof search interests in to their website. If they do it is not obvious to find. To view the persons hash encrypted address on Plenty Of Fish it appears, at the time of this writing, you have to be logged in to see this If you can decifer that then you have figured out the secret to getting peoples addresses on Plenty Of Fish.

Other than that, E-mail addresses are stored in the Plenty Of Fish web database so if you want to try hack the POF database, good luck.

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Torrington Ct The main problem with the search features built into Plenty Of Fish is they limit you in so many ways : You can only search for someone who is within 14 years of your age. You can only search within limited distance range. How to Search POF. The Google Search Approach : Go to google. In their search box type site:pof. Obviously, you replace personsname with the persons name.

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Go to google. In their search box type inurl:pof. So for example if you are looking people on POF who are interested in tennis Pof search interests would type into the Google search box inurl:pof. This is probably not possible because: Almost no one is going to put their address directly in their dating profile.

addresses DO show up in the profile source code, except they are hash encrypted. Go to the profile of interest. Right click anywhere on thejust make sure your mouse is not over an image. From the pop up menu that appears click View Source. Enter "hash":.

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Please, do not abuse this information and contact Plenty Of Fish for anything less than very important. If you have a question about Plenty Of Fish dating, before you use their Looking for a love interest in another part of the world can Pof search interests refreshing and exciting and members of the opposite sex can often have different views and attitudes when it comes to dating a Anything that does not contribute and is just spam will automatically be deleted.

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Pof search interests

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