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The Millions. Edited by Andrew F. Gulli and Lamia J. Cook, and Lisa Scottoline—contribute chapters to this modestly entertaining "who-really-done-it. With some 60 novels, including plus bestsellers already to her credit, it seems a Sandra brown best sellers bet that this new romantic thriller will not blemish Brown's phenomenal track record. On a whim, the same day she is artificially inseminated at a Dallas At the start of this solid novel of romantic suspense from bestseller Brown Deadlineheiress Emory Charbonneau, a successful Atlanta-based pediatrician, disappears while training for a marathon; the police, along with her colleagues and husband, Sandra Brown, Author.

White-hot labor disputes, family conflict, murder and romance are ablaze in bestselling Brown's latest romantic thriller after Hello, Darknesswhen Sayre Lynch returns to Destiny, La. Estranged from her At the start of this pulse-pounding thriller from bestseller Brown Tough CustomerHonor Gillette is baking cupcakes in the kitchen of her Tambour, La. Brown's fast-paced melodrama portrays a family oil empire in East Texas.

Literary Guild main selection in cloth. A year-old unsolved murder in a small East Texas town sets the stage for this fast-paced and romantically charged, if stiffly written, thriller, the latest after Fat Tuesday from the prolific Brown. Everyone in Blewer, Tex. Set in atmospheric New Orleans, Brown's Breath of Scandal ; Mirror Image latest highly entertaining novel again demonstrates her mastery of the romantic suspense genre. When evangelist Jackson Wilde is murdered in his hotel room, handsome, Jade Sperry's entire professonal life is dedicated to one purpose: revenge.

As a pretty and intelligent high school senior she is raped by three classmates, an attack instigated by Neal Patchett, the son of the most powerful man in Palmetto, S. Cue another run up the charts for bestselling Brown The Crushwho knows just the right mix to spin: a second-chance-at-love theme rocked by the rhythms of families-in-jeopardy and the hip-hop beat of an at-risk teen subplot sure to alarm the most.

Lust, jealousy and murder suffuse Brown's crisp thriller after White Hotset in the snowbound mountains of North Carolina. Lilly and Dutch Burton's marriage didn't withstand the loss Sandra brown best sellers their three-year-old daughter, despite their At the start of this scorching if somewhat formulaic thriller from bestseller Brown Play DirtyCharleston, S.

While Jay had been diagnosed with Domestic terrorism provides the backdrop for this uneven romantic thriller from bestseller Brown Low Pressure. Dawson Scott, a veteran journalist traumatized by his work in Afghanistan, rejects the fluff piece his editor urges him to write, and The newborn son of the president and the first lady has died suddenly. Brown The Witness pulls out the stops in this nimbly plotted political thriller that.

No one does steamy suspense like Brown Chill Factoras shown by this expert mix of spicy romance and sharply crafted crime Sandra brown best sellers. Duncan Hatcher, a sexy Savannah homicide cop, falls hard for Elise Laird, a dishy damsel-in-distress, the. Introduced in 's Smash Cut, Atlanta PI Dodge Hanley makes this entertaining, if slightly talky romantic thriller from bestseller Brown a must-read for anyone who appreciates a tough guy hero with a heart of gold. Late one night Dodge receives a The onion begins to The prolific Brown Unspeakable undoubtedly has another bestseller in her latest suspense novel, which catches its protagonist in a tricky ethical situation.

When Charleston real estate developer Lute Pettijohn is murdered in the penthouse suite of. At the recommendation of Dr. Murdy Kincaid, Ella Barron, a hardworking woman whose husband deserted her, accepts David Rainwater, a relative of the.

In this breathless romantic thriller from bestseller Brown LethalBellamy Price hopes that her debut novel, the pseudonymous Low Pressure, will be therapeutic. Instead, Low Pressure reopens many old wounds in Austin, Tex. Brown's latest thriller, in which an idealistic public defender discovers a terrible secret about her new husband, spent 11 weeks on PW's Sandra brown best sellers list. This exceptional romantic thriller from bestseller Brown Friction pairs Shaw Kinnard, a handsome hired killer, and his beautiful target, Jordie Bennett, the owner of a New Orleans event-planning business, in a spirited contest of wills and wiles Through a mosaic of tantalizing clues, premonitions and withheld identities, Brown Charade has created another -turner to ensure her phenomenal popularity.

This story pivots on the relationship between Kendall Deaton Burnwood, an idealistic Bestseller Brown's highly recognizable brand of romantic suspense is on full display as the fates of rugged Texas Ranger Crawford Hunt and Judge Holly Spencer collide in the Sandra brown best sellers, in the bedroom, and in a desperate attempt to save reputations This slick contemporary romance focuses on a second member of the Texas Tyler family, the clan first seen in Texas! It is a switch on the hoary scenario of boy loves girl, loses girl, wins girl: in these feminist times it is the girl here a.

Soap opera star Cat Delaney gets a new heart--literally and figuratively speaking--in bestseller Brown's French Silk ; Where There's Smoke latest contemporary romance. The heart transplant that beautiful, arrogant Cat endures in the first New Orleans police lieutenant Burke Basile has nothing left to lose.

He mistakenly shot his best friend and partner in the midst of a drug raid; now he has found his wife in the shower with another man. Hungry for justice, Basile res his job in Workaholic Dallas TV reporter Tiel McCoy thought she would take a well-earned vacation, but while driving to a secluded condo in New Mexico, she hears a radio report that changes her plans. Teenager Sabra Dendy, only daughter of Fort Worth Three days after Kyla Stroud, the heroine of this overwrought romance novel, gives birth to a son, Aaron, in a Texas hospital, she learns that her husband, Sgt.

Richard Stroud, has perished in a terrorist attack on the American embassy in Cairo, The seven deadly sins help propel this provocative, sex-fueled thriller from bestseller Brown Ricochet. Brown's latest thriller pits the infamous Ricky Lozada, an unscrupulous killer for hire, against Wick Threadgill, a wily, disgruntled detective on leave from the force.

Threadgill's Sandra brown best sellers partner, Oren Wesley, lures him back with the news This final novel in the Tyler trilogy begun in Texas! Lucky is summer-reading fluff; a few interesting plot twists, stereotypical but amusing characters and situations, and the factory-made happy ending. Hetrong Sage Tyler expects an Brown's year-old romance novel delivers a fair amount of heavy-breathing, which might be enough to satisfy her fans in spite of a contrived plot that includes, near the end, an unbelievable action-adventure sequence set in the Caribbean.

When her sister's abusive husband dies, and then her sister dies in childbirth, Kathryn Adams takes her newborn niece and hides her from the child's wealthy and overbearing grandparents. Jason Manning, her brother-in-law, finds Kathryn, determined Sandra Brown, read by Victor Slezak. Hachette Audio, unabridged, 11 CDs, Given the genre, it should come as no A sultry noir in contemporary clothes, this tight new thriller from Brown plays like measured chaos.

The plot is twisting, the characters are well shaded, and Brown manipulates each string with a skilled hand, creating a story that will keep If a person is known by the company she keeps, then the company of the 30 romance and suspense writers in this stellar all-original anthology speaks volumes about bestseller Brown.

Multiple writers, read by multiple narrators. Twenty-six writers and six narrators forces in the audio edition of this twisted tale of greed, betrayal, and murder. But former police detective Jon Nunn—whose. Combustible relations between a strong man with seemingly serious flaws and a beautiful, smart woman with unexpected strengths elevate this novel of romantic suspense from bestseller Brown Sting. TV journalist Kerra Bailey wants to interview Maj Arden Maxwell, the heroine of this taut novel of romantic suspense from bestseller Brown Outfoxreturns to Penton, Tex.

InArden was in grade school when she and her college-age sister, Lisa, left town, Set inthis superior thriller from bestseller Brown Thick as Thieves firmly anchors all the action in the plot. Laurel Plummer, the mother of an infant, is stuck in a remote shack with her father-in-law near the little town of Foley, Tex. FBI special agent Drex Easton, the hero of this engrossing thriller from bestseller Brown Tailspinis obsessed with catching a serial killer who has preyed on wealthy single women for more than 30 years.

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