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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. Status Not open for further replies. ed Nov 15, I figure this may be the last set to get a factory warranty to purchase as new. ed Jun 9, ed Apr 28, Willard said:. ed May 5, I know from 2 experiences, if it is a Sig problem, Sig will fix it warranty or not. Just prove your case that it is a Sig failure. They stand behind their guns. The important thing is online or local check the rails close. A coat of paint will make rails look good, but won't last.

I see reasonably priced, little shot Sigs locally on Armslist all the time. Bought several of them. ed Dec 23, Perhaps because it's a DAK? ed Dec 9, It is my only P It is a nice enough gun. Feels a little chubby compared to my Ps with E2 grips. So I bought some E2 grips for it.

Still chubby. My son was issued an M11 the original one not the MA1. But, both of us shoot it pretty well. Really don't know that I love or hate the DAK. It is certainly not as smooth to shoot as my Ps. I'm personally okay with everyone hating the P More for me. ed Jul 7, So the reason not to buy would be the DAK trigger. ed Nov 2, Wanbxtrm, I have never fired a DAK, so can't make a comparison. From what I have gleaned from reading, it's an "improved DAO de" providing a lighter DA pull, depending on "reset"which to me is redundant If "intent" is required for each succeeding shot, then common DAO is fine!

If intent after the first shot is not required, and the threat is still viable, then SA pulls for succeeding shots is fine until threat is eliminated, Sig 229 dak "Decocking" puts you back into DA mode. This is "why" Striker fired weapons have become so popular, a deliberate trigger pull, but at a reduced pull weight, reduces training time requirements for proficiency. The only problem is re-strike capability, with Sig 229 dak ammunition, but that's a whole other argument.

ed Feb 12, As said above, I wouldn't buy a DAK, because, well My opinion. ed Mar 27, If you like double action triggers, or like revolvers, you'll like the P DAK. The trigger pull is a tick heavier than the P, but the travel is shorter. I had a Gen II P I loved the trigger though.

I find these guns very forgiving to shoot. I used to carry the. It has a 9lb, 11 oz trigger, but was still very shootable. I prefer the DAK, but either is fine in a pinch. It's positively startling how well some guys can shoot these DAO pistols, with a little practice. I used to notice the two clicks of the DAK trigger as it fully resets, and found it mildly annoying, coming from the old DAO P, but I don't really notice it any more. I bought two LE trade in. If you want a. If you want a 9mm, then maybe a CPO or other deal you find would be Sig 229 dak way to go. I don't think you'll be disappointed with the DAK, but it remains to be seen if you prefer it to the P, which has a great trigger too.

DAO auto guys are kinda' like black licorice guys. We're a distinct minority, but we do love our black licorice. ed Jun 17, I bought a P DAK police trade in. I like the initial trigger pull but two resets need work. Sig Armorer told me he could smooth it out. Robert did a great job on my P Navy.

ed Feb 28, I thought I would never buy a DAK either. It came home with me. For a carry gun I feel it Sig 229 dak the right recipe. Super smooth. ed Dec 19, Why would anyone keep a P around? ed Sep 30, Ive never shot a p but ive handled and dry fired some if memory serves I think the DAK Sig 229 dak a little heavier of a pull or could be further of pull.

I personally like the DAK trigger system. The follow up shots take some getting used to but Ive always shot both of mine well. Thanks for all the input. I broke down and ordered a Pr. the discussion. Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google. About this Discussion. SIG Talk. Come the discussion about optics, hunting, Sig 229 dak, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! Explore Our Forums. Recommended Communities. Glock Gun Forum.

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Sig 229 dak

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