When you love someone it hurts

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So what can you do when you love someone so much that it pains you? Not much, but it is true. Love can literally hurt you. It can hurt you so much that you find yourself on the ground, thinking about just one thing — a way out of it.

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Really, you feel like dying and it can be out of a million reasons. There could be a million different reasons that loving someone gets you through, not just emotional, but also physical pain. Happy one. One that brings a smile to your face. Why does it happen and what can you do when your love for someone is so strong? Some people say that love hurts only when you are afraid of losing the person you have next to you. Love hurt me. You and your partner are in a long distance relationship which can be very painful.

When you love someone so much talking on the telephone and seeing each other every now and then can be a real disaster. I can totally understand that position because years ago I was in that kind of relationship for When you love someone it hurts year. It was a year full of love, but also full of some strange sadness. Bitter-sweet love. Bitter-sweet sadness. Love hurts when you love someone more than you love yourself. And yes, of course, you can love someone more than you love yourself and no, not only when we talk about your.

You can love your boyfriend or girlfriend, your husband or wife, more than you love yourself. Real one.

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Love hurts because you care. This one is very simple, When you love someone it hurts it is also very true. When you love so strong it means that you care for that person. You care if he or she is okay during the working hours. You care if he or she is safe when you are apart from each other. About safeness of the airplane and their accommodation.

Also, about their busy schedule. Love hurts at the beginning of the relationship. Some people tend to think that love can hurts only at the beginning of the relationship when your emotions are still all mixed up. Those people say that when you love someone so much it hurts it must mean that you are still experiencing the romance which is very different from the exact love. In their mind love is something that is calm. It is some kind of quiet strength, while romance brings you to the point where you are going through some kind of dramatic emotional state.

It can make you feel the pain that goes through every part of your body. It will show you up how a man is capable of loving to the bottom of his heart and deeper. I want you to know that no matter the reason. No matter if you love someone so much it hurts because you are in a long distance When you love someone it hurts, or you love someone more than you love yourself, or you simply care, or you are holding the thought that love hurts only at the beginning of the relationship… I want you to know that when you love someone so much you are experiencing the deepest evidence that you are human.

And that human is much more than most of us on a regular basis think. But when we do, when we do love someone so much, it is a pure evidence of our kindness, empathy, and capability to love. So at the end, I want you to know that I went through it.

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I went through various emotions. Through ups and downs. But the second I got to touch, to taste, to smell the feeling of belonging and caring for the other part of me, for the person who makes me complete, I came to know that besides all negativity I will be holding my joker. I will be caring my joker card in my pocket and that joker, that joker card will always be his smiling face on the cover of my smartphone as well as his which will lead me to hear his voice in a matter of a moment.

Single moment.

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Single. Just a single from the person you love and it will be alright. It has to be alright. Believe me, because when you love someone so much any other way is no way at all.

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It must be him or nobody else. It must be his voice, his smile, his hand to show me the way. All else is nothing. Nothing when your love is so strong.

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I thought I was suffering from some kind of disorder because of how much love hurts me. I am in the most beautiful marriage. Yet, loves hurts me deeply. It hurts me because of how beautiful it is, how human, how unique. It pains me because it changes lives, because not everyone will be able to love like that, because there are people that loved and were hurt.

It's painful because we age, because we forget, because we die. It pains me so much because no matter how beautiful my love is now, times goes on, and life waits for no one. It also pains me to see people in love. To see people achieve love after tremendous trauma. It hurts me so damn much. I wonder if true love is just the recognition of our mortality? I wonder if love is not other thing than navigating a terminal tragedy; and we know it. But we cover it, with memories, with actions, with moments. But loving, just as living, is recognizing, more intensely that all will end.

It still hurts He passed away a few months ago but his words always rings in my ear. Kartik Tuesday 8th of June Yeah, you have really experienced it. It's really so painful but still makes me smile. And I can't talk about it to When you love someone it hurts. IER Thursday 27th of May Rose Friday 12th of February Leon Monday 1st of February

When you love someone it hurts

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What does it mean to love someone so much it hurts?