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Log and journal of Lieut. Papers of Capt. William H. Logs and other papers of Capt. Records relating to Blackwall Yard, including log of Vansittarts of voyages of East India Women available ft Norfolk Island tonightand logs of NewcastleStar of Devon and Lord Warden Correspondence of Vice-Admiral William H.

Correspondence of Capt. Journal of G. Journal kept by Alfred F. Duprey on the Port Jackson on a voyage from Rotterdam to Australia. Journals kept by Lieut. Journals kept by W. Brookes on board the Active, Recovery and Matilda. Logs of merchant ships on voyages to Australia, including Clarence by midshipman Ralph G.

Huggup ; City of Poonah by J. Memoir of James Trevenen, including of his voyage with Capt. Memoir of J. Letter-book kept by Commodore J. Corrected typescripts and galley proofs of Canoes of Oceania by A. Haddon and James Hornell. Many of the records digitised as part of the AJCP are still in copyright. Readers wishing to publish or reproduce documents should seek permission, in the first instance, from the owner of the original material.

Acknowledgement of use of this material should refer to the location of the original material and to the Australian t Copying Project. Items from this collection should include references to the location of the original material and to the AJCP nla.

Example: M Series: Journal of Capt. The original AJCP finding aids were unpublished typescripts or Women available ft Norfolk Island tonight available from libraries that held copies of the original microfilm. Dates used in this finding aid refer to the date range of the records selected for filming rather than to the date range of the Series or Files. Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are advised that this Finding Aid contains material and descriptive information which may be considered culturally sensitive and may cause distress, including names and images of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people now deceased.

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This Finding Aid contains terms that reflect authors' views or those of the historical period, but which may not be considered appropriate today. While the information may not reflect current understanding, it is provided in an historical context.

Part 8: Miscellaneous M Series. Third Editionpublished Entrypp. James Barlow entered the navy inand served on China Station in Scylla, then in the Pacific. After his promotion to Captain in he commanded Orlando on the Australian Station. Details of course, position, wind, weather, remarks - movements of other ships, salute for Queen's birthday, visits by VIPs, deaths of seamen, punishments.

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Admiral Sir Robert Lambert Baynes? Entered navycommanded Pacific Squadron Admiral Sir Joseph Nias Entered navy inand served during the Napoleonic Wars. Promoted to Captain in and in commissioned the Herald for service in East Indies. In this ship he was engaged in a duel with the Peruvian ironclad Huascar.

As a consequence of this action the ironclad Triumph replaced Shah and Bedford transferred to her. From to he was Governor of Western Australia.

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There are no records for his later career. Details of visit to Honolulu - social events; King at first refused to recieve Admiral; Bishop of Honolulu confirms seven sailors. Admiral Sir Edward Belcher Entered Navybecame a commander in Spent some time surveying the Arctic and Pacific. From to he commanded the Samarangsurveying the coasts of Borneo, Philippines and Taiwan. In he was appointed to Assistance to search for Sir John Franklin.

Subjects include: refitting of ship; comments on other naval personnel; movement orders to other Captains; surveying activities; supplies; health of crew; activities of pirates; wreck of Premier ; French activities at Sooloo; effect of typhoons on tides; Mr Hayes, Trinity Pilot refusal to return to Samarang. Bethune, Henry, Lieut. Captain Henry L. Bethune Entered navy incommissioned lieutenant in Constance in Retired, Admiral Sir Geoffrey Blake Sending congratulations for his appointment to New Zealand station.

Some letters also address the people in Australia and New Zealand. Correspondents include: M. Hankey, George Hope, R. Skelton, Edgar W. Buckingham, Dudley North. John Terry? Woodbridge to Blake re cruise on Orsova 17 December Note that this letter was carried by Kingsford Smith in Southern Cross. Forbes, New Zealand Prime Minister Wellington to Blake thanking him for assistance rendered by naval personnel during Napier earthquake Paper on naval operation in Samoa in undertaken by Dunedin against the Mau, a nationalist Samoan organisation n.

Diomede Chronicle 2, June4, June Blake, William H. Captain William Hans Blake Entered navywounded in when taking part in fighting in New Zealand, on Pacific Station in in Mutine and commanded Falconon Australian Station.

Journal of a visit to Tahiti - ships in harbour of Papeete dressed for King's birthday; entertainment - dancing; visiting officials; cultivation of yams; audience with Queen Pomare; visit to Malden Island; Penryhn Island; Samoa; surprised to find natives of Opolu Island going to church on a Saturday; Friendly Islands - met missionaries; Fiji; inspected native labourers from New Hebrides; Levuka; Tanna - French ship in harbour; Vila; destroying villages; Women available ft Norfolk Island tonight Caledonia.

From 2 January July letters from Captain G. Subjects include: reports on the ship and its activities; s and allowances; claim for medal for Alexander Leith who rescued seaman from drowning; recommendations for promotions; maintenance of discipline in Royal Navy; of surveys; reports on crew; offences committed on Norfolk Island; quantity of guano on Malden Island; complaints against Tunivalu, Chief of Bau; punishment of natives of Hinchinbrook Island 'for pirating and murdering the crews of Curlew and Kate ' by burning villages and canoes; deposition made by Monangonon, Chief of Emel Island, 29 July ; conveying Sir George Bowen and suite to Auckland to receive Duke of Edinburgh; conveying 18th Regiment to Hokitika to suppress Fenian riot; anchorage of Hokitika.

Rear Admiral Francis Godolphin Bond Bond's mother was William Bligh's half sister. He was appointed First Lieutenant on Providence on the second breadfruit voyage. Bligh's letters are concerned with the voyage of the ProvidenceEdward Christian's pamphlet Women available ft Norfolk Island tonight his response and Hunter's appointment as Governor of NSW. Captain Henry T. Bosanquet He returned to England in Louis Antoine de Bouganville Circumnavigator,his was translated by J.

Forster in Places and Voyages includes: voyages to the North; Northwest passage, circum, Southern land. Admiral Philip Carteret ed navy inand in ed Byron on the Dolphin on a voyage of circum. On his return in he was commissioned to command Swallow on another voyage of exploration led by Wallis in Dolphin. Includes: notes on Dalrymple 'Historical collection of the several voyages and discoveries in the South Pacific Ocean, vol 1, ' and notes on Bougainville and Wallis.

Captain William Wylly Chambers c. Entered navy, In was acting captain of Pelorus at Port Essington. Women available ft Norfolk Island tonight of wind, position, remarks - provisions taken on board 'held survey on 30lbs of beef found it putrid and unfit for men to eat, threw the same into the sea' ; sails set; exercises; sighting other ships. Details of wind; position; weather; remarks - killing bullock; 'party of seamen clearing away ground to build store to put our stores in [at Port Essington]' ; duties of crew; 'employed lifting the government House to its height to the hurricane in November last' ; building a boat shed; James Roberts marine and James Stevens absent 'supposed to have lost themselves' ; building a pier; J.

Armstrong, Botanist lost; digging well; making bricks for the settlement; death of William Crawford, mate; making stock yard and digging garden; preparing ship for sea; voyage to Sandalwood Island. Details of course; position; wind; remarks - voyage to Port Essington; building settlement at Port Essington. McArthur R.

Subjects include: transfer of crew; damage to Pelorus ; arming ship against Malays; purchasing beef from Dutch ship Diana ; activities at Port Essington 'preparatory to the return of Sir J. Gordon Bremer to this settlement'; conflict with marines; conduct of John Armstrong, Botanist; effects of rationing of fresh meat and vegetables; health of company; death of William Crawford, mate; purchasing stores from Dutch settlement at Coepang; men discharged to Wellesley ; discharge of invalids; decommissioning at Singapore.

Details of ship's company; name; position; when and where enlisted etc. Details of ship's company; names, place of birth, age, charges and deductions, sum raised by selling dead and run men's effects. Subjects include: countermining of orders by Chambers; McArthur to appeal to the Commander in Chief; serving of extra grog allowance; Mr Armstrong refuses to do duty as gardener to the colony; McArthur refuses to open communications which 'do not acknowledge the authority of Her Majesty's commission under which he is acting'; reception of supplies; wreckage picked up not part of Orontes ; native 'Jack White' seen in Mangrove swamp with musket; birth of Margaret Mew, daughter of Sergeant Mew of Royal Marines; birth of Josiah Davis, son of Private Davis; disagrees with Chambers' proposal to sail to Coupang for supplies; requests bread for Aboriginal prisoner; state of provisions; relations between them [as to who has superior authority].

Includes A report of the crimes and punishment of four privates of the Royal Marines serving within the Post established at Victoria Correspondence, bills, receipts, reports of surveys on stores and medical matters. Items of interest include:. Commissariat Office Sydney to Sir J. Gordon Bremer re payment to Lt. Drury of Alligator. Vice Admiral Sir Richard Collinson Entered navy incommissioned lieutenant in and appointed to surveying ship Sulphur on South Women available ft Norfolk Island tonight coast. From to he searched for Sir John Franklin in Enterprise.

Re family news; news of Mr Price, Commandant of Norfolk Island; strong remonstrance received from people of Van Diemen's Land against transportation 'they pledge themselves not to employ any transported person'. If any news of Enterprise from Sandwich Islands; he is interested in steam communication with New Zealand.

Leslie Cope-Cornford Journalist and writer on naval matters for Morning Post and Punch.

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Re his article in Morning Post 'most flattering article to the Australian soldier yet written'. Sir Assheton Gore Curzon-Howe entered the Navy in and from served on Galatea during her voyage round the world.

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Details of position; wind; weather; remarks; duties on board; sails set; reprovisioning ship; landing of Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh in state at various ports; court martial of Mr McDonough, Engineer; other ships in squadron; deaths and burials of seamen; dry dock at Cockatoo Island; voyage back to England. Captain Joseph Stafford Dare Entered merchant service in

Women available ft Norfolk Island tonight

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