Wot matchmaking rigged

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Jump to content. Percentage of vote: Percentage of vote: 6. Percentage of vote: 3. Screw my elders!!!! World of Tanks a game where it's 1 versus The yellows are your only hope. Ronald Reagan. Find our recruitment topic here. The big issue is that the MM algorithm was never deed for five-tank platoons -- or games in which damn near every player is in a platoon.

So it goes full derp sometimes, and it's even worse with low server population. TigerCenturion Mk. Aschenblume, on 02 November - AM, said:. Mm occasionally gives you the middle finger. Not rigged though and those who think it's part of wargaming grand plan to screw players need to ditch the tinfoil hat. If it were truly rigged the Range players overall win rates would be far narrower than it is now. There are certainly times when it feels rigged because you might get a string of games where the MM gives you the middle finger by putting you as bottom of the tier spead a lot with potatoes players in your teams top tier tanks.

And certain tiers get played far more than others. Part of the blame for the playerbase's general lack of ability to play the Wot matchmaking rigged can be put at wargamings door though with their woefully inadequate tutorials that do nothing to give new players the knowledge they need to do well. Which ever team makes the biggest mistake loses. Going on flank leaving the other open. Or which ever potatoes tates more than the other tater tot.

Check out my guides on the bunker. Community Forum Software by IP. Matchmaker is rigged! Started by Ginkiha-xNov 02 AM. Poll: Wot matchmaking rigged members have cast votes You have to complete 50 battles in order to participate this poll. Do you think the matchmaker is rigged? Yes 44 votes [ Is matchmaking just crap sometimes Yes votes [ Do the people who say matchmaking is rigged need to git gud?

Yes 75 votes [ Show poll. Just a poll. I like this poll, gonna bring out the tin foil in large quantities though. MM is not rigged, my stats prove me right and all nay sayers are wrong. Xbox: AdmrHackett. It's rigged. Everything is rigged. Our jobs are decided for us at birth. Everything is a lie. They're listenening Eh, I wouldn't say it is rigged but there seems to be something weird about platoon v platoon matchmaking, I'm not sure if it is different it just seems that when putting 2 platoons against eachother, regular matchmaking doesn't apply.

But, Wot matchmaking rigged -- not rigged for win rate. TKE, on 01 November - PM, said: The big issue is that the MM algorithm was never deed for five-tank platoons -- or games in which damn near every player Wot matchmaking rigged in a platoon. If I lose then it's rigged. That's life, it hurts, it's dirty and it feels very, very good. Is this thread being locked for not being "constructive". War is a Democracy and the enemy always gets a vote. T master race. Its most definitely rigged.

An actual gameplay expert Check out my guides on the bunker. This poll is rigged big time. Back to The Barracks. Reply to quoted posts Clear. In address:. Remember me. in anonymously.

Wot matchmaking rigged

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Games are rigged or is it Matchmaking or Wgl no how to fix.