Writing a letter to your crush

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I don't really know how to say this or where to begin, but let me start off by saying that I know nothing could ever blossom between us. We have not known each other for a long time, about a year and a half at most. But I do know this; I have feelings for you. Whether they be of infatuation or of actual love, I know not.

What I do know for certain is that you are kind, beautiful and one of the most fantastic people I have ever known. You are precious to me and I couldn't bear to see you hurt. I'd just about lose my mind. Maybe after college we'll drift apart, talk less, and maybe never see each other again. But I need to get this off my chest. You are so surreal that every moment I spend with you makes me wonder if I'm dreaming. Maybe I'm in some fantasy land living out my wildest dreams. Maybe I'm daydreaming of things I long for, but that could never be. Maybe, just maybe, I'm not dreaming at all and this is all real.

I don't know what it what anymore, when I'm around you I just lose my train of thought. Now, I know that you do not feel the same. I mean how could someone like you fall for someone like me? It's not unheard of, sure, but I know better than to go on thinking that way. Maybe I'll find someone else to pine over and love, and maybe this is all just in my head.

I've never been in a relationship and I wouldn't know the first thing about being with a woman. So perhaps this is just my heart testing my abilities, seeing how I could preform when I'm head over heels for someone. If that's the case, then I'm glad it was you who first made me feel this way. I know you and I haven't had much time to really connect and get to know each other, and I know that if we got together it wouldn't be for long. I accept that, even embrace it. Hell, just spending time with you is something I look forward to. Every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure.

You are wonderful, and talented and kind. I know you're going to make one man really happy one day. So here's to you my dear. I love you. I hope to God you never see this, lest I die of embarrassment. But if you do, I guess it's for the best and I can truly be at ease. Please read our commenting guidelines before responding. Read now. You are commenting as a guest. If you see a comment that is unsupportive or unfriendly, please report it using the flag button.

Jcigxhtdjgeizzeisztjcgusgjggusrtusthkgjhdih hi zftustibcufzivizxutstzifu dckgdgrdfrciztvucdhtgdifgi. Don't feel discouraged. You never know what could happen. Even if you don't get together with this girl, I'm sure you'll find true love down the road. That's very sweet but mine is another guy.

Writing a letter to your crush concept though. You never know. You just never know. I'm not trying to be negative, but there is no such thing as the L-word. Maybe, it's the cold ice in my heart. I've never been in one, but I can't help feel that it's all one big lie. I think you'll be fine :. This is something that I might right to my crush and I think this is soemthing that he is looking forward of seeign because I know that no girl has ever send a letter like this to him only asked him out but mabey If i give him a letter like this he will excepet me and relize how much I really love him.

This is one of the sweetest comments i read. I hope you and this guy get together. I think your love for him is super deep and that is okay. I want you know that if things do not work out there are people who will be there to support you and I will be one of those people. Also there will be many more guys down your road in life that you will find feelings for. One day you will meet the perfect man get married and have the moment of your life.

How can I write a letter to a girl if I'm bisexual and her name Is Angelina and liked her for a while I do t know what to write to her I need some help can you please help me. I'm rocking the same boat except I'm bi and she's straight but I can't live without her I need her in my life. There is a girl that I fell for just like this. I never thought that she would ever see a guy like me that way. She is way out of my league, and she is wanted by every dude in the school. I confessed, and we have been dating for three years now.

This letter is super sweet, unfortunately I'm also going through the same thing, after losing my girlfriend to some kinda guy who don't deserve to be with her, it was just some kinda misunderstanding ,she could not give space to hear my side and decided to walk out on me, but hey I h. This is an amazing letter. In mine I will probably change a few words because I've known my crush since I was in 2nd grade.

But, this is amazing. So I have a problem I have a really big crush on someone and he know that I like him should ask him out or something. Am in love, with the best person, he does not feel the same way but am okay with that. His friendship is more important than anything else. So i looked at this for a while at night and said i'm going to confess to my crush and yes he said no. But in the end it was worth it because i did something that i thought that would never happen ever in my life because i'm always scared of things that don't need to be scared of i asked my crush out and he said no so My crush or should I say girl friend loved the poetry and thanked me for the skills but I give you the thanks.

This is the cutest love letter ever and that's exactly how I feel about this boy but I know one day I will have to write about the way I feel about him. Wow, I faced alot of problems with my x because they could tell her am a player yet not. Since she left, I decided to stay single until when I will get the one who understands me.

My crush is the most amazing person I know but to bad for me because now he's my best friends boyfriend and I want her to be happy and i can't live like this so goodbye world. I cut myself every day hoping this life would end but it doesn't, I'm sorry to all of yall we lost someone like I did, but don't worry you'll find someone better however I didn't.

Well, probably not. I have 3 exams to answer tomorrow! I haven't prepared fully, but i know Writing a letter to your crush do something. I cannot focus on my studies anymore. She still occupies my mind!. Most of the time I wonder if you do the same things with him now. Do you send him silly photos of you like you used to with me?

Do you send him random memes of Talk to a counselor online, anytime. Start feeling better Writing a letter to your crush. What are you looking for? Featured Topics Select a topic to start reading. Dear Love, I don't really know how to say this or where to begin, but let me start off by saying that I know nothing could ever blossom between us. You're not alone. Hope things go the way you plan. I'm going Writing a letter to your crush the exam same.

Pretie i liked t. If she says she doesn't like you back its the Writing a letter to your crush of the world give up Just Kidding there are plenty of fish in the sea. It's like am writing it to my ex crush ghonile. Very nice. Into music? Listen to this wellbeing playlist on Spotify today. AD This is a sponsored link.

Writing a letter to your crush

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